On the Edge – Contemporary ceramic art from Finland at the Rovaniemi Art Museum 12.6.–18.10.2020


Call for members of Ornamo

Ornamo calls all its’ members to participate in an exhibition on contemporary ceramic art from Finland. The application form will be published 5.8.2019 by the latest and the call closes 29.11.2019. The exhibition takes place in Rovaniemi in the summer of 2020 together with the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) international congress. The congress is held in from 27th till 31st of July 2020. Hundreds of prominent experts, artists, curators and other professionals in ceramics worldwide are expected to participate. An international IAC member’s thematic exhibition is held simultaniously at the art museum, together with several national exhibitions on contemporary ceramics.

The exhibition On the Edge – Äärillä takes after the overall theme of the congress. On the Edge is a location, a feeling, as well as a critical position. The theme reflects the arctic location of Finland on the edge of Europe, as well as other regions on the edge of the world, a vision from inside out to outside in.

The theme encourages discussions and interpretations that address both the mainstream and margins within ceramic art, design and crafts. The theme On the Edge acknowledges the diverse discussions that currently take place in the field of ceramics in communities of artists, researchers and other actors.

The theme provides a general framework under which the four following proposed topics will be discussed and shared via lectures and exhibitions within the congress program.

1. Signals from the Future

This proposal acknowledges ceramic-making processes, material-based research and, in particular, emerging practices. We invite contributions that consider how traditional skills and methods feed innovation, and the implementation of new technologies and manufacturing processes.

2. Social and Political Reality

Proposals will take into consideration the whole of society, including all involved ‘actors’ from communities to individuals. We invite here contributions to discuss social values and responsibilities, particularly how art and ceramics can contribute to support social equality.

3. Locality and Materiality

For this topic, we consider that our everyday practices are based on locality. The local environment, including its history, culture and material resources gives context and responsibility to our actions: we invite contributions related to restrictions and limitations, from the perspective of global and local resources, in order to understand ceramics as an ecological and sustainable material which can restore environmental health.

4. Making and Wellbeing

Individual or community wellbeing is social, physical and mental; under this proposal, we invite critical contributions discussing the ways in which art and craft can enhance human wellbeing.
Members are encouraged to submit proposals works that are mainly produced using ceramic methods. The work or works must be owned by and in the artists’ possession. Members can propose up to 1-3 works. The jury will focus on works that are current and finished after the year 2015. The proposed work can be a finished work or a sketch for a work that will be finished in early 2020.

The proposed works will be evaluated based on digital images so we recommend using images that are of high quality. Some images of the chosen works can be used for marketing purposes without compensation. The jury will decide on the installation of large or wide works. If necessary, only parts of the work may be installed and displayed.

The exhibition will consist of about 50 works by the same amount of artists. The space reserved for the exhibition are the halls A3-A5. The total area is aproximately 240 square meters. The height of the space is 3 meters. It is possible to install works on the walls or the ceiling.

We kindly recommend taking into concern that the space reserved for the exhibition is limited. it is possible to propose works also outside the museum. In this case we wish to point out that the outside area will not be supervised nor is it possible to insure a work on the outside premises of the museum.

All artists will be paid an exhibition fee and an artist fee. According to the policy by the IAC, the Finnish members of the IAC will be granted an entry to the exhibiton. However all works will participate in the jury process. The amount of the jury fee is 20 €. The fee must be paid before submitting any proposals. In the case the works to be sold from the exhibition, Ornamo will provide the intrested parties contact information for the artist so he/she can negotiate on selling the work him/herself. No sales provision will be charged.

The application will be filled out online. Due to the international nature of the jury, the language used will be English. Details and information on the composition of the jury will be provided in August 2019. The application period is 5.8.–29.11.2019. The exhibition runs from 12.6. till 18.10.2020. The vernissage will be held 11.6.2020.

We will inform about the start of the application on Ornamo’s homepage, our weekly newsletter and social media in early August.

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