Ornamo <3 SuoMu Evening Cuppa

SuoMu Evening Cuppa @ Ornamo!

Join the event online! Interior architect Natalia Ritari shares her experiences teaching design courses at Helsinki based elementary schools. The courses were part Ornamo’s and Designmuseum’s Design Academy project. In addition, Petra Ilonen gives an introduction about Ornamo’s member services and Mari Savio will present SuoMu’s activity and future visions. After the talks we have time for open discussion and networking.

In the beginning of 2020, SuoMu – the Finnish Association of Design Learning started series of events devoted to meeting like-minded others and discussing the field of design learning in a relaxed environment. Our aim is to create a platform where we can share ideas and materials, provide peer support as well as contemplate the past, now and the future of design learning.

Main language of the event is English.


Note that if you’re using mobile devices, you need to download the app.

Any questions or ideas? We’d love to hear from you – Get in touch at suomu@muotoilukasvatus.info