Mentoring programme

Ornamo’s mentoring programme aims to support design students and recent graduates in finding their own career path in the field of design.  Participation in the mentoring programme requires Ornamo membership. 

Mentoring is a confidential conversational relationship that provides professional networks for working life, ideas for planning one’s own career, and new directions for competence development and studies. Mentoring provides support for strengthening one’s own designer identity and identifying one’s own strengths. The process also offers new perspectives and ideas to a mentor who has already reached a later point in his/her career.  

“The mentor was a great help in perceiving my own images of the future, and this will be useful for a long time to come.”

Are you interested in mentoring in the future, but you don’t have time right now?

For the next mentoring programmes, we’ll collect a list of designers who’ll be interested in mentoring a young designer in the future.

Tell us about your interest: