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Professional advising

Find success in your career, job search and salary negotiations – contact our experts!

Personal advice and sparring for members of Ornamo

Our experts advise Ornamo members to develop their skills, mindset and business. You can contact our experts by phone or email. Personal sparring and counselling times are agreed separately.

Petra Ilonen 2021

Petra Ilonen
Design Adviser

Tel. +358 46 878 2572

Career counselling, job search and sparring
Content and management of personal projects
Creating a CV and portfolio
Exploring and applying for grants and funding
Internationalisation, business development
Finnishdesigners.fi portfolios

Anna Rikkinen

Anna Rikkinen
Art Adviser

Tel. +358 44 743 3577 

Advising from Monday to Wednesday.

Artist’s career advice and sparring.
Creating a CV and portfolio.
Public art operating models
Finnish and international art markets.
Art pricing.
Gallery and museum collaborations
Artists copyright remunerations related questions
ATA Carnet Advice, Chamber of Commerce contact person

Iiris Adenius

Tel. +358 44 493 2610

Legal advice on Mondays and Thursdays from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Domestic agreements
International agreements (limited)
Intellectual property rights
Payroll issues
Initial negotiation sparring
Support for business profitability and income logic
Employment legal advice (limited)
Commercialisation and company law
Other legal advice (limited)