Ornamo Administration

In accordance with the Associations Act, the highest decision-making power of the Ornamo Art and Design Finland is executed at the annual general meeting, where all members have the right to vote. The board, elected by the members, holds executive power.

The practical activities of the Association are the responsibility of Ornamo’s office staff, led by the Executive Director. The company’s operations are based on the strategy and action plan adopted by the Board and the annual general meeting.

Ornamo rules (pdf) (in Finnish)

Ornamo Executive Board

Ornamo’s Executive Board consists of professionals in the fields of art and design who use their diverse expertise to represent the Association’s members and to supervise said members’ interests.

The committees that report to the Board include the committees for professional affairs in the design sector and professional affairs in the arts sector, the committee for professional ethics and the grants committee. The committee for public procurement reports to the committee for professional affairs. Training and competence issues are also dealt with by the committee for professional affairs.

2018 Board members


Kristian Keinänen

Kristian Keinänen, Chair

Keinänen works at Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd. and is responsible for the development of design expertise and bringing it to international markets. Keinänen has run design offices in Finland and overseas, and he has worked in several design organisations.

Hanna-Kaisa Alanen

Hanna-Kaisa Alanen

Hanna-Kaisa Alanen, an experienced design professional, is a doctoral student of Cognitive Science from the faculty of Information Technology at the University of Jyväskylä. In her dissertation, she studies the user experience in fashion. Alanen has worked as a concept designer in fashion and furnishings for a number of years.

Laura Isoniemi

Laura Isoniemi

Laura Isoniemi has worked in a vantage point in the design sector for years, including the exhibition Echoes™ – 100 Years in Finnish Design and Architecture, which she devised and produced; she was also a member of its curator team.

Elina Katajamäki

Elina Katajamäki

Elina Katajamäki runs her own interior architect agency, Avico Sisustusarkkitehdit, in Kuopio. She is also involved in the operations of Itä-Suomen Muoto ry, a designers’ association based in Eastern Finland.

Mikko Kutvonen

Mikko Kutvonen

Mikko Kutvonen is a designer and lecturer. In his job at Futurice, he focuses on customer experience, organisational culture and the development of digital services.

Taina Laaksonen

Taina Laaksonen works as a design manager in a two-year urban farming and design project in Hiedanranta’s urban ‘laboratory’ in Tampere. One of the project’s goals is to solve societal and social issues through design.

Lars Räihä

Interior designer Lars Räihä has designed large hotel sites, renovations in residential buildings as well as furniture and smaller objects.

Mari Siikonen

Mari Siikonen

The quality of the built environment and urban design are the specialist areas of Mari Siikonen, who works as Design Director at WSP Design Studio.

Päivi Tahkokallio

Päivi Tahkokallio

Päivi Tahkokallio is the CEO of Tahkokallio Design+ Oy and one of the founders of the Arctic Design School. Päivi, who lives in Lapland, is a specialist in strategic design. She developed the concept of Arctic design, as she wanted to make sure that design is part of the sustainable development of the Arctic region. Tahkokallio is the Vice President and the future President of the European Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA) for 2019–2021.


Ornamo entrepreneurship division 2016–2018

Members: Oona Colliander, Minna Einiö, Laura Franck, Virva Haltsonen, Hannu Havusto, Hanna Neuvo, Mari Talka

Arts division 2017

Anchoring the position of material-based art into the Finnish arts sector is one of the main goals of the division. It consists of representatives from the fields of arts, textiles and arts and crafts.

Members of the Board of the arts division: Leena Mäki-Patola, Veera Tamminen,
Jana Vyborná-Turunen

Committee for professional affairs / Arts and arts and crafts

The committee for professional affairs in the arts and arts and crafts sector deals with artists’ contracts, the development of artists’ earnings logic, promotion of the Percent for Art scheme, cooperation with art dealers, artistic entrepreneurship and the preparation of the agreement on remuneration for exhibiting art in state-funded museums.

Members:  Samuli Alonen, Riikka Latva-Somppi, Tiia Matikainen, Harri Syrjänen, Annamari Vierikko