24.10. Design or Die: Introduction to intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights (IPR), such as copyrights, industrial design rights and trademarks, are highly important assets especially to design and creative businesses as well as knowledge intensive business services (KIBS). Essentially IPRs provide safety against counterfeiting and a key element for business growth, especially via licensing.

Thus all entrepreneurs and business advisers in these fields should be closely familiar with at least the basic terminology and functioning of IPRs, in order to proactively ensure the business’ ability to grow. As a rule, careful IPR planning and well thought out agreements in an early stage are vital for decreasing IPR related business risks.

Time: 24.10. at 9–11 AM
Location: NewCo Helsinki, Ensi linja 1, 00530 Helsinki

In the lecture we will examine the above topics, with an emphasis on the field of design. The speaker is Ornamo’s Legal Adviser (LL.M.) Jussi Ilvonen.


9–10 Introduction to intellectual property rights (IPR)
10–11 Collaboration with designers: key things to consider, especially concerning IPRs


The lecture is free of charge. Please register here.


The workshop is part of Design or Die EU-project.


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