Workshop: Systems Thinking For Social Change

Thursday April 29  I  16-17:30 PM  I  Zoom

Systems thinking is a growing skill to solve the problems of the future. Workshop facilitator, Sustainability strategist Andrea Gilly has used this methodology in many design projects. Through practice, she has learned a few skills that simplify the way in which we can visualize and understand a system. Ornamo members are welcome to join Andrea’s Systems Thinking For Social Change workshop. She presents the methodologies that she uses and what have been the most influential sources to develop her skills as a systems thinker!

In this workshop Andrea Gilly presents the methodologies that she has followed to simplify a system visualization in order to find bottlenecks, feedback loops and leverage points. She uses Donella Meadows’s Thinking in Systems as a starting point. It’s and easy method that can change your understanding of systems thinking, visualization and systems work.

Bring an existing problem to the workshop – the one that you are working on, or are familiar with.

We will use miro to visualize our system. Before the workshop you are required to think about a system you are familiar with, it can be your organization, a project you are working on or even a global system. The homework is to think of as many actors or elements of the system as you can, and visualize either in the miro or on a piece of paper. Think about how the actors interact, do they share information? Are there hierarchies? Are there different goals? You will further learn how to visualize the system from this point on, in order to understand where the leverage points and feedback loops are. You may also write questions you have about systems thinking that we might discuss in the workshop. Please register to the workshop from the link below.

The lecture part in the beginning of the event will be recorded. The workshop is open and useful for all Ornamo members but especially targeted to designers working in big companies. MAX 15 participants.