Aalto University I Postdoctoral researcher in Sustainable Consumption [Design]

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NODUS Sustainable Design Research Group studies design solutions, business models, bottom up initiatives and governance innovations, which hold potential to contribute to sustainability. Sustainability transitions, socio-ecological transformations, sustainability science, resilience, practice theory, self-organizing systems and futures studies are the central theoretical frameworks NODUS researchers use and contribute to. NODUS pioneers in developing practice-relevant theories within the emerging area of design for sustainability transitions. The group focuses on production-consumption systems, cities, societal support systems including energy, water, food and transport, new organizational models, and self-organization of issue-driven activist groups.

Postdoctoral researcher in Sustainable Consumption [Design]

Consumption patterns in affluent countries are challenged by sustainability concerns relating to the natural environment, resource availability and justice. High levels of consumption should and in some degree are changing towards alternative ways of provision and sources of human well-being. Yet, the social, technical, institutional and cultural conditions of consuming less remain ambiguous, and the development of the means of effective interventions call for creativity.

Department of Design is recruiting a postdoctoral researcher to join Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. The applicant will be working in the NODUS research group with prof Mikko Jalas and also collaborating with Aalto University School of Business prof Jouni Juntunen and the Sustainability in Business –research group. Possible research foci include:

Consumption innovations and demand reduction in areas such as domestic energy use and mobility

Repair, maintenance, DIY, maker cultures and product life extension

Activity patterns and time use related to low consumption lifestyles

Distribution of consumption opportunities over space and time

Design interventions for sustainable consumption and sustainability transformations


A suitable candidate has a doctoral degree on a relevant area, for example in the areas of design, business, sociology or urban geography.

Prior experience on design research and qualitative methods are appreciated. Skills in grant application writing and familiarity with Finnish and European Union funding mechanisms are considered a plus.

Work duties:

The main duties involved in a post-doctoral position is to conduct research. In addition the duties include:

Supervision of Master theses in the research area

Actively seeking external research funding

Participation in teaching in the Creative Sustainability masters programme (acs.aalto.fi)

Administration related to the work duties listed above

Support for the NODUS research group activities including a public series NODUS TALKS and maintaining and updating NODUS web page.


The successful applicant will have an excellent academic track record, a completed PhD degree, and demonstrated capacities for inter- and transdisciplinary scientific research. Additional requirements: Very good oral and written proficiency in English.

Key selection criteria:



Excellent writing skills in English

Synthetic capacity

Capacity to integrate different concepts and inputs in a coherent and consistent discourse.

Networking skills

Ability for collaborative work in research-related contexts.

Experience in grant writing



The salary is determined based on the experience and qualifications according to the salary system of Aalto University.