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Everywear Games is the world’s leading wearable game studio

Two “Game of the Year” Awards and one Apple Keynote is a great start for a new studio. Join us to create new kind of games designed for smartwatches and smartphones.

We are looking for the best and look after our own. Interested in pioneering work at the very forefront of the industry? A position of responsibility where each day makes a difference? In shipping more games and faster than anywhere else in the industry? If yes, please contact us right away!

Game Designer 

Are you ready for something completely new? Your objective is to deliver fun in seconds, not minutes. You have a track record of shipping free-to-play games, see games as services and have balanced complex in-game ecosystems before. Your track record of free-to-play game design is complimented with a passion to create platform defining experiences. If you like challenges and have a strong background in free-to-play we would love to hear from you!

What you will do:

– Work independently in a small team
– Drive your production from concept to shipping
– Take part in all aspects of productions

What we offer:

– Visibility to the cutting edge of mobile games and free-to-play
– Chance to create first iconic game experiences for smartwatches
– Challenges and rewards of working in a successful and fast-growing company
– Competitive compensation package and stock options

How to Apply:

– Email us your application and CV (in English) to recruiting@everyweargames.comHelp
– Application deadline: For this position we are continuously looking for people to join us.
– Please note that job is in Helsinki, Finland, with no option for working remotely

About Everywear Games

We are the leading studio that creates first iconic experiences for smartwatches and smartphones. Our mission is to create games which are designed “smartwatch first” and that show to consumers worldwide how much fun these devices are!

Our super talented team members have background at amazing companies such as Remedy, Rovio and Digital Chocolate to name a few. We are industry veterans and pioneers who have built success stories before. Most of all we are passionate about creating the first major wearable games studio in the world.

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