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Paxful is the world’s largest Peer-to-Peer Money Marketplace, a universal money translator and a global financial passport. Powered by people and blockchain technology, we enable value transfer between the underbanked and banked worlds on fair terms.

Our P2P platform is the most flexible financial platform in human history, giving liquidity to over 350 payment methods. Our 2.5 million users have helped us identify seven actual use cases for cryptocurrencies. It is our mission to build streamlined applications for each one of them on our platform. From e-commerce to remittance to payments and wealth preservation each of these applications will get immediate use by millions.

We want designers of customer experiences ready to disrupt the most powerful industry on earth, finance.

You will make the most financial complex technology yet developed invisible for millions of people desperate to access the world financial system. If you obsess about every pixel of the user journey and love diving into the raw trenches of user research while being right in the control center as the bridge between the best engineers and artists in a company that is leading the way in the true uses of blockchain of millions then Paxful is the place to change the world.

What can you expect as product designer?

  • You will have the very best support and the utmost flexibility in decision making and in a fast paced, thriving and growing, unique culture. The product is everything at Paxful and we will give you every possible tool to innovate, disrupt and design hyper-optimized use journeys across every medium.
  • You will have over three million users to validate your work and you will have the ability to build rich product feedback loops for your team and lead the entire blockchain community in mass user adoption.
  • Your environment will be the most generative, nurturing and supportive. The leadership of your team, design flow, and product testing we reward with far more than just the most competitive salaries in the industry. We are in this together.

Day to day

  • Operate from end-to-end. From research and rough sketches through to pixels, motion and shipped code.
  • Your portfolio has some best-in-class work and demonstrates your ability to shape broad conceptual ideas into valuable features for users and explain how and why. You are able to outline your thought process from the hypothesis stage throughout the final result as well as used methodologies.
  • Keep it real. Construct product feedback loops that bring real user feedback directly into the product as efficiently as possible.
  • Boil down complex fuzzy problems into truly user-friendly solutions over aesthetics or what may appear to be ”logical”.
  • Iterate ruthlessly by quickly producing hi-fidelity prototypes and still have the ability to work in a changing environment. A truly awesome product is only real after the third iteration. The fun is in the journey to user happiness.
  • Have a grand plan and show strong product thinking by understanding not just ‘what’ but ‘why’ too. Never look down on even the most humble user. Give uneducated first-time users the same respect as millionaires in the user journey. We are are building products for the entire world.
  • Make the data your servant and factor it into the right places. Know which data matters and which does not.
  • You’re passionate and empathetic – you fall in love with problems, not solutions. You don’t burn out if things don’t go your way. You’re a doer, and a helper.
  • Collaborate and align with other designers on the ‘glue’; the ideas, patterns, and styles that make our product feel like one coherent thing to our users.


  • Work experience as a Product Designer or similar role
  • Hands-on experience with softwares for product design
  • Experience with design programs (like Illustrator and Sketch)
  • Time-management skills
  • Adaptability
  • Passion for bitcoin and blockchain technology


  • Go above and beyond a ‘competitive’ salary
    Get paid the best salary in the industry for all of your hard work
  • Eat like a king every single day
    Enjoy gourmet meals delivered to the office twice a day
  • Get ripped with a free gym membership, fitness training and even supplements
    Get in the best shape of your life without spending a fortune
  • Try new things & unleash your adrenaline with fun weekend activities
    Enjoy go-karting, shooting at the range, arctic drift racing and more!
  • Experience company vacations like never before
    Spend summer days @Tomorrowland and winter days in Lapland

Additional information and application

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