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Singa is building the future of karaoke. We’re doing for karaoke what Netflix has done for movies and what Spotify has done for music in both the B2C and B2B markets. For consumers we provide the easiest way to sing karaoke anytime, anywhere & on any device. For pro’s we provide a truly modern karaoke solution unlike anything else on the market. Through serving both markets we are uniquely positioned to become THE brand in a global market representing a 15 billion dollar opportunity. Join us.

Working at Singa

Our culture focuses on a lot of individual freedom coupled with a lot of individual responsibility. Everybody at Singa is free to be themselves – some work better in the morning and some better in the middle of the night – what matters is that the work gets done. We have very few dependencies between all our different platforms, products and functions, so each person’s individual effort has a big impact and everyone is also clearly accountable for the work that they do, fostering a very independent way of working and a strong sense of ownership in each of us. As a company we’re also very interested in promoting individual learning and development and provide ample opportunities for growth and for working on different things depending on personal interests.

We are all very different as people (there is no mono-culture at Singa), but are united by our shared interests in a very broad spectrum of music, dry and dark humour, and in doing great things together.


Our products are truly an interesting design challenge, as customer experiences have to work across platforms in a way that is consistent and familiar no matter, which platform you are on. You will have a chance to both design entirely new features and products, as well as to optimize and improve on our exisisting UX and visual elements. We are redefining an entire category and you have a chance to ”bring the sexy back” to experiences that have not had a real update since the 1990’s, really leaving your mark on a fundamental human pastime – singing.

Ideally you:

  • have designed UI/UX and interactions across platforms
  • have experience in developing products from the ground up based on data and customer feedback
  • have an understanding of the technical implementation of your work and experience in communicating effectively with dev teams
  • don’t compromise on making the user experience perfect regardless of resource constraints
  • have experience in leading product development
  • BONUS: you’ve worked in a product manager-like role

We look forward to hearing from you!

Additional information and application

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