Account Director / Solita

Account Director with strong bias for action and empathy

As an Account Director, you act as the business development partner for companies seeking to become more data-driven and modernize their IT landscapes. You work with company management, business and IT leadership and development teams. Your most important responsibility is to understand the business goals and ambitions of our customers, compare those with the status quo and help them see how we Solitans can help in reaching their vision. 

You have experience in leading people with different backgrounds. You know what makes the best experts and different personalities tick. Our engagements are typically joint efforts, staffed both by subject matter experts from the customer and Solita’s consultants with experience in areas such as business and service design, change management, data and the cloud. 

We measure your success through customer and Solita team satisfaction, revenue growth and profitability. For everyday sparring support, you will have a team of close colleagues with experience in project and account management, sales, strategy work and cutting edge technology. 

Prerequisites for success in the position

Ability to build trust from the first hello 

Business understanding and experience in enterprise sales 

Experience with professional services 

Understanding of team and project management 

Courage to try out things, accept occasional failure and capability to learn from them 

The ability to entertain the customer or deep technological know-how are not the most relevant traits to succeed in this demanding but rewarding job. We are looking for people who realize the importance of all-round expertise and empathy. Those that get fired up by action and tangible results (eg. how a raising NPS score translates to smiles on people’s faces or what it means to create a new concept, then turn that into actual business). 

During the recruitment process, you will meet some of your potential future colleagues from various positions in discussion-type interviews. If you see yourself in this role, move quickly as we will start the interviews already during the application period. The role is open until the 25th of March, 2022 unless we find suitable candidates before that.