Lead Developer / Oikotie Työpaikat / Schibsted

You? Experienced developer mastering our key technologies. Eagerness to facilitate the development work. Growth & curious mindset, willingness to explore and have an impact.
Role? Lead Developer working on the Oikotie Työpaikat marketplace and helping us to split our current squad into three smaller ones. Your work is shared about 30/70 between facilitation & hands-on coding.
Tech stack? Typescript, GraphQL, Node.js, Nuxt, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Jest, Storybook. Containerised & serverless environments run in AWS and CI/CD pipelines are designed to deliver code into production several times a day.
Location? We work in a hybrid way, so you can be based anywhere in Finland! Our team is spread between Helsinki, Turku, Jyväskylä, Kuopio & Oulu. The office is located a few steps away from the Helsinki railway station. 

Sounds like your cup of tea? Check out the details below!


You work on the Oikotie Työpaikat marketplace covering both job seekers’ & recruiters’ functionalities and an eCommerce platform. You focus on programming and facilitating the daily work with four developers in the squad. Your time is shared about 30/70 between facilitation & hands-on coding. We’re about to take a major leap in splitting our big squad into three smaller ones in order to sharpen our focus and to keep productivity high. Thus, your fingerprint will be found on our new processes and ways of working. 

Your squad focus on developing new features on the marketplace along with modernising the platform’s architecture (splitting monolith to microservices, modernising tech-stack, renewing UX & UI). Furthermore, your squad designs and implements scalable and robust solutions in an SEO dependent hi-load environment and organises the code in a sustainable & maintainable way in large scale projects. The user value is in the centre of whatever we do, thus your tech expertise is also needed in product discovery initiatives and if you’re up for it, you’re welcome to collaborate with colleagues outside of the tech bubble. How do we put together the new set-up & strengthen Oikotie’s services and bring in more listings and traffic to the site? It is up to you and the team! 

Not everything is sweet, so here’re a few nuts to crack
You step into a brand new role which means that the responsibilities drafted above, haven’t been tested in practice. Thus, there might be some surprises and reiterations ahead and a ‘we’ll find a way’ mindset will surely be needed from us. We’re also transitioning our legacy stack to a more modern one and balancing between being quick and agile but also making smart choices, in the long run, is not always the easiest task to do. On the other hand, the unknown offers an opportunity to leave your fingerprint on how our new tech set-up operates and what kind of stack we’ve in place (exciting!). No worries though, you’re not facing the unknown alone, our 13 member tech team is here for you to tackle the future together. Is your curious mind asking for this kind of adventure? 

During your first six months, we expect you to settle in our team & the community and start taking over your role and forming an understanding of what works and what needs some more attention. The split into three squads also demands your attention right from the beginning and we’re eager to hear your ideas on how to make the new set-up work as seamlessly as possible. Learnings are guaranteed, as this is a pivotal moment for the Oikotie tech organisation. Opportunities to make a difference and to influence the future of Oikotie are numerous and frequent (pretty cool, huh?)

Further down the road, approximately after 12 months, we’re eager to see you standing on your own (we’re here to have your back!). You take an active role in defining our OKRs (Objectives – Key Results) and based on your interests, take ownership of a certain expertise area. What the future holds after that, let’s envision it together! 

Our Schibsted family with 102 tech colleagues is eagerly waiting for your arrival! Our Oikotie Työpaikat Product & Tech team gathers together 17 bright experts: developers, a QA Engineer, a designer & Product Managers and a few more colleagues are about to be welcomed in the near future. We’re mature in agile practices and operate according to OKRs. We’re all committed to our work but haven’t given up on laughter and jokes along the way. 

When getting to know us, you’ll notice quickly that we truly live and work based on our three key values: we win together when working on cross-functional teams around the OKRs (Objectives & Key Results), we encourage each other to be curious and actively develop ourselves for example with the help of LinkedIn Learning platform and Schibsted level training, and we are empowered to have courage to share ideas and challenge ourselves. If our way of working resonates with you, we believe that we’re a dream workplace for you! 

Schibsted, product company, gathering together OikotieTori, & Rakentaja. Over 250 colleagues in Finland and 5000 in the Nordics want to steer innovation on News media, Marketplaces & Growth adventures to empower the millions of people interacting with us in their daily lives. We’re lucky to work with colleagues who share the passion for their work, are friendly and caring. Our community embraces curiosity, teamwork, a problem-solving mindset, and continuous learning. Have a sneak peek at our boogie on LinkedIn & Instagram and get to know the Schibsted Tech Community along with the Schibsted Talks podcast hosted by our very own colleagues. 

GOT YOUR ATTENTION? Let us hear from you!
If you are looking for a workplace and the role in which you could share your knowledge and expertise, learn and grow, get inspired, be yourself, and feel good, let us hear from you! We’re eagerly waiting for you to turn yourself in by Sunday, April 3!

Our Development Manager of the Oikotie Työpaikat tech team Emma Jurvainen is happy to tell you about the daily work and answer any questions you might have about the role. Emma is best available over the phone (040 759 2978) Tuesday, 22.3. 9:00-10:30 and Thursday, 31.3. 15:00-16:30 or emailed any time (emma.jurvainen(at)schibsted.com). 

1. 50 min meeting with Venla, the Talent Acquisition Lead (your background & skills in short, your career goals, Schibsted as an employer)
2. 75 min technical interview with a few colleagues (time to show what you’ve got & get to know the team)
3. 45 min with Pasi, the hiring manager (diving deeper into your background & skills, role goals & expectations)

In every interview, we have saved 10-15 minutes for you to interview us. So think about things you would like to know and have the courage to ask difficult questions. The hiring decision always has two sides: we make our choice, but most importantly, you are also making a big decision for your future. Hence, we want to make sure that all your questions are answered and you have all the necessary tools before taking your next career step. #LI-VK1