Project Leader / DeCiDe – Developing Circular Design / Novia University of Applied Sciences

The faculty of arts and culture is looking for a 

Project leader

in the ERDF-funded project DeCiDe (Developing Circular Design). The project is based on three needs;

1)In the recovery from the pandemic, it is a key issue to develop the Jakobstad region’s export industry sustainably.

2) Both customers, future legislation and EU directives requires a circular transformation throughout the value chain 


3) To see the entire life cycle of a product where design refers to a whole consisting of materials, function and aesthetics provides the method for the region’s transformation.

The objectives of the project are to help business-life out of the crisis when using sustainability to strengthen the companies’ sustainable production, to strengthen their ability to develop products and services sustainably with a holistic approach to design as the bottom, and to create a digital guide for this that can be freely used after the project.

The project wants to shift the focus of the value chain from waste to design and product development in order to then reduce the generation of waste. The main target group is the manufacturing industrial companies in the Jakobstad region and their subcontractors.

The project consortium consists of The Jakobstad Region Development Company Concordia (lead part), Novia UAS, and Centria UAS. The project team consists of three project managers, one at Concordia, one at Novia and one at Centria, who are each responsible for different work packages.

The tasks include: As Novia UAS’ project manager you are responsible for the project’s planning, implementation and reporting. 

The assignment focuses onWork package 1) Circular Design

It is in the design phase that the possibilities for an impact on a product’s climate footprint as a cost are greatest. Virtually all products on the market need to be redesigned to be consistent with the principles of the circular economy. Designers and product developers today have an extremely great opportunity to be involved and influence the development towards sustainable and resilient products that are also developed towards a higher level of service creation that creates added value for both producer and customer.

In this work package and based on the results achieved within previous and ongoing projects, a case and a “Sprint workshop” are created with companies that want to develop their products in a circular direction. The focus for the workshop is on implementing a circular approach in the design and product development phase. In this WP, examples and models are presented for how products can be redesigned to be able to be repaired, upgraded and/or recycled, for an extended life.

We are looking for a person that:

Salary according to “collective agreement of the private educational field” and internal directives. The position includes a probationary period of six months.

For the period 14.2.2022 – 30.6.2023 or according to agreement.

Location: Jakobstad, Finland

Further information: Please contact RDI Manager Therese Sunngren-Granlund, +358 44 780 5887 or Head of Degree Programmes Emma Westerlund, +358 44 780 5876,

Application: Submit your application through our electronic recruitment system, no later than 4 pm Monday 7th of February 2022.

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