Project Manager / Espoon kaupunki

Are you an experienced project manager who is inspired by collaborative research activities and the promotion of migrant integration through the development of digital services?

We are looking for a project manager for the Trust-M research project that supports collaborative research and development of digital services for migrants in Finland.

The Trust-M project aims to create reliable digital public services for improved integration of migrants in Finland, hence strengthening Finnish society through increased inclusion, the resilience of the labour market, and economic vibrancy.

Espoo is a growing pioneering city where foreign-language speakers account for 20% of the population and, according to forecasts, the number will grow by more than 30% by 2035. The city’s strategy places a strong emphasis on the integration of migrants and co-creation with the whole Espoo community.

The aim of the study is to understand and promote the integration of foreign-language speakers and customers. The study supports the City of Espoo’s goals of developing reliable and non-discriminatory digital public services for immigrants. The research covers both physical integration services as well as the broader development of digital services by the City of Espoo.

Immigration and integration functions have a common ground for e-services, employment services, business services, education and training services and youth services, among others. Where applicable, the research project will involve e-Services, the Research and Statistics Unit, Education Services, Business Espoo Services, Information Management, Communications and Knowledge Management.

The research project is carried out as a consortium, in cooperation with Aalto University, the University of Helsinki and the University of Tampere. The research consortium is led by Nitin Sawhney, Professor of Practice at Aalto University. In addition to the research community, the project’s stakeholders include various companies as well as private and public organisations.

The main responsibilities of the project manager:

1. Developing and experimenting with physical and digital services that promote integration

2. Acting as a coordinator between universities and the city as well as within the city organisation

The person selected must lead the research project’s development partner work within the City of Espoo’s organisation and act as a contact person between the research consortium and the city organisation. In addition to project management work and communication, the position includes planning and implementing experiments and supporting the development of information management in immigrant integration services, such as e-services.

As a project manager, you are inspiring, inclusive and people-oriented. You are used to working in a network-like manner with academic research communities and people from different backgrounds. You are able to combine and reconcile operational, business and technological needs. You are interested in the development of digital services and in the implementation of experiments.

The project manager is required to have project management skills and experience in collaborating on research projects. For example, expertise in service design would provide a good basis for being successful in the job. Experience related to the promotion of integration, public sector services, information management and analytics is an advantage.

Success in the job requires good communication and interaction skills, a systematic approach and mastery of the big picture. The consortium works in English. The project manager is required to have an excellent command of English and at least an intermediate level of Finnish (European Framework of Reference levels B1.2-B2.2).

We also want to encourage those who are proficient in one or more of the foreign languages to apply for the position. Since the project develops digital services to support the integration of immigrants and the project involves cooperation with immigrant communities, in addition to English, knowledge of the most common foreign languages spoken in Espoo (Russian, Estonian, Arabic, Somali and Chinese) is considered an advantage.

The educational requirement is a master’s degree.

The position is located under the City of Espoo’s Administration and Development Unit, in the Knowledge Management area of the Service Development Unit. The project owner is the Director of Immigration Affairs. For more information about the position, please contact Teemu Haapalehto, Director of Immigration Affairs, or Piia Wollstén, Director of Service Development.

The position is for a fixed term. The fixed-term period starts on 30 January 2023 and ends on 30 September 2025 or starts on the agreed date and ends on 30 September 2025. The research project is fully funded by the Academy of Finland from 1 October 2022 until 30 September 2025. The research project is expected to continue until 2028, and hence the period determined for this position is likely to be extended.

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