Sales Development Manager / Solita / Germany

Eager to join a fast growing firm which works to enables fast change for large-scale clients in Germany? How about working with modern technology partners and skillful people making the change possible? Do words like API Management, Data Governance, Master data management, Data Science and AI spark your interest? 

We have enabled our clients to become data-driven by implementing hundreds of data-driven solutions in the Nordic countries, but also recently in central Europe, more precisely in Germany and Belgium. We work together with our Belgian neighbors to build strong offerings in the field of connected data, integration and Cloud services. Our ambition is to enlarge our offerings further towards the full data life cycle.

We are focused on fast change and impactful technologies making the change possible. We employ 1,300 top-notch tech professionals across the Nordics and West Europe, of which more than 50 in Belgium and 10+ in Germany. 

As the German market is a cornerstone of our growth strategy in West Europe, we are strengthening our German team with a Sales Specialist. You will be working in our Berlin or Munich offices (Hybrid of course) where everything is in place to make your working day meaningful: coffee chats, office dogs, and apero with the colleagues at the end of the day. 

Role objectives for Sales Specialist 

During the first months, we are expecting you to get familiar with Solita’s offering so that you are able to pitch and be successful in sales (in your own way). At the same time, you have started building networks with Solita’s sales and tech professionals across Europe and Nordics to get support for building offerings by connecting the right people and finding materials. You will work closely with your Belgian sales colleague Soliman Salmi, our Germany/Belgium senior consultants team and our German and Belgian country managers, Florian Disson and Joris Haelterman . 

As a Sales Specialist you

As a passionate salesperson, you will probably find it challenging to create strong relationships via online communications and not face-2-face meetings, like we used to. You will get support for your work from our global marketing team and our sales teams in other countries.

How a Sales Manager describes the work:

”It’s all about connecting the dots. There’s so much happening in the market right now, so much noise. What I aim to do is to help the customer make sense of all this change and disruption. That’s what makes Solita so fun place to work at. There’s so much we can offer for our customers, so much expertise. And everyone’s eager to help as sales is seen as everyone’s business. So with every customer discussion and every sales play you’re learning something new – and then in two weeks, you get to share that piece of insight for another customer struggling with the same challenge.”

Solita – above average consultancy

Solita is a workplace, where you will always find a more knowledgeable multi-disciplinary peer to spar with. People join us to become a part of a diverse community of experienced professionals and continuous learners. And people stay for the same reason. 

At Solita, you will find an easy-going work culture, where you can be yourself. We offer support for our people both in work and also when life happens. We care. 

Join us to make an impact that lasts

If you feel up for this, contact us by sending us your application. Your application won’t end in a mystery black box; We contact and communicate with all candidates openly. 

Solita is a fast-growing digital transformation company driven by tech, data and human insight. Our services range from strategic consulting to service design, digital development, data, AI & analytics, and managed cloud services. Founded in 1996, Solita now employs close to 1,000 digital business specialists in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Denmark and Belgium to help businesses and societies reinvent themselves with impact that lasts.

Advice for headhunters and agencies; We are not actively looking for new partners. Should you have any questions, please contact directly our Recruitment officer Pauline Roy-Malikian: [email protected] or +32 499 92 83 46