Senior Service Designer / Oikotie Asunnot / Schibsted

You? Background in service design of digital products, experience in facilitating workshops / product discovery initiatives. Curious & problem-solving mindset, proactive way of working.
Role? Senior Service Designer leading Oikotie Asunnot’s product discovery in collaboration with a UX Designer and squad leads: building the product strategy with two Product Managers, collecting user & business insights, facilitating workshops and putting together new concepts.
Location? The office is located just a few steps away from the Helsinki railway station. Our way of working is hybrid and we’d be happy to meet with you at the office once, twice per week depending on your schedules.
Why us? Oikotie Asunnot reaches 1M users weekly which means that your and your colleagues’ master ideas & design would be truly shaping the real-estate market in Finland! The service is in pretty good shape so, instead of acting as a firefighter, you can focus on envisioning the future! 

Sounds like your work home? Check out the details below!


This is not a junior role as you’re the one responsible for covering Oikotie Asunnot’s product discovery process with the help of squad leads, Product Managers and a UX colleague. You are the glue between private (like you or me) and pro (realtors, constructors, investors) home sellers and buyers, renters and tenants without forgetting our business, tech and product colleagues. Together with their expertise, you examine and put together an understanding of needs and boundaries in the product discovery. In order to do so, you facilitate workshops, do user research, identify and prioritise design problems and turn the insights into actionable recommendations on how to improve the entire Oikotie Asunnot’s user experience. Furthermore, you explore new concepts and validate them with mock-ups & prototypes with the help of your UX colleague and Oikotie users. Constant improvement is always in your mind, thus you keep on measuring and analysing the usage of the newest launches and sharing your findings with the PMs and the developers. 

The real-estate industry is going through a major change as residential ownership certificates are about to be stored only digitally (HTJ), housing transactions can take place fully online (DIAS) and a certain virus starting with C has also boosted the remote house showings. Thus, we truly believe that the timing to hop along is very juicy for a designer who is into having a fingerprint on Oikotie’s product strategy, team structure and getting the next level product discovery process rolling! If questions like what will tomorrow’s real-estate market look like? what are home constructors’, sellers’, renters’ and buyers’ needs in the future? how to be even more customer centric? what kind of product development structure do we need in place in order to respond to the market needs? resonate with you, we would be happy to hear from you! 

During your first six months, we expect you to settle in our team & the community and start taking over your role. With our help ( ofc! ), we see you mapping the current user experience of Oikotie Asunnot and detecting opportunities for development while getting to know how our cross-functional squads work. Further down the road, we’re eager to see you putting together Oikotie Asunnot’s product strategy together with the squads, and collaboratively start implementing a holistic approach to Oikotie, getting to know the user needs and building consistent user flows. As we’re curious minds, we hope that you can continuously help us to improve our working methods as well! 

Not everything is sweet, so here are a few nuts to crack
During the past few years, we’ve gone far in sharpening our product capabilities, switching our minds to focus on our customers and started prioritising the product capability instead of the sales total. As we strongly believe that one is never ready, our product discovery has room for development. That said, you’re about to take over a role where you’re expected to challenge our status quo, take us even closer to the product driven mindset, support other designers and help Oikotie Asunnot to take the next big leap! The set-up isn’t finished over-night and sometimes taking a step forward might take some time or even demand us to take two backwards. Not the easiest task to do and surprises are certainly ahead and a ‘we’ll find a way’ attitude will be needed from us. On the other hand, the unknown offers an opportunity to leave your fingerprint on how Oikotie Asunnot and the Finnish real-estate market will be drafted (exciting!). Is your curious mind asking for this kind of development adventure? 

250 members of our Schibsted family are eagerly awaiting your arrival! The Designer team is a dynamic group of nine experts working in different squads across our Finnish organisation. We collaborate in cross-functional, empowered squads that have a lot of freedom and responsibility to make the magic happen. The squads are mature in agile practices and operate according to OKRs (Objectives- Key Results). 

When getting to know us, you’ll notice quickly that we truly live and work based on our three key values: we win together when working on cross-functional squads around the OKRs, we encourage each other to be curious and actively develop ourselves for example with the help of LinkedIn Learning platform and Schibsted level training, and we are empowered to have courageto share ideas and challenge ourselves. If our way of working resonates with you, we believe that we’re a dream workplace for you! 

Schibsted, product company, gathering together OikotieTori, & Rakentaja. Over 250 colleagues in Finland and 5000 in the Nordics want to steer innovation on News media, Marketplaces & Growth adventures to empower the millions of people interacting with us in their daily lives. We’re lucky to work with colleagues who share the passion for their work, are friendly and caring. Our community embraces curiosity, teamwork, a problem-solving mindset, and continuous learning. Have a sneak peek at our boogie on LinkedIn & Instagram and get to know the Schibsted Tech Community along with the Schibsted Talks podcast hosted by our very own colleagues. 

GOT YOUR ATTENTION? Let us hear from you!
If you are looking for a workplace and the role in which you could share your knowledge and expertise, learn and grow, get inspired, be yourself, and feel good, let us hear from you! We’re eagerly waiting for you to turn yourself in by Sunday, April 3. We’d also love to get a sneak peak on your portfolio so please do not hesitate to include it! 

Your future supervisor & our Head of Product Design Marja Jaarinen(marja.jaarinen(at) is happy to tell you about the daily work. Marja is best available over the phone (040 730 3161) March 23 9:00-12:00 and March 30 9:00-12:00. 


  1. 45 min meeting with Marja, the hiring manager (quick intro about Schibsted & the role, your background in short, motivation, practicalities)
  2. 60 min chat with the team (get to know each other & the daily work, diving deeper into your design practices)
  3. 60 min meeting with the CPO David and the Talent Acquisition Lead Venla (Product Division’s future & Schibsted culture, your future ambitions)

In every interview, we have dedicated 10-15 minutes for you to interview us. So think about the things you would like to know beforehand and have courage to ask difficult questions as well! The recruitment decision is always two-sided: it’s our decision, but most importantly, it’s your decision on where you would like to work in the future. This way, we want to make sure that all your questions are answered and you have the best possible tools before taking your possible next career step. #LI-VK1