Visual Designer / Schibsted


You? Seasoned UI or Visual designer with a curious, positive and proactive mind for cross-functional collaboration to develop digital products further. 

Role? Visual Designer to join our newly created Nordic Design Systems team representing Finland to take Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces design system to the next level.

Location? We work in a hybrid way so you can be based anywhere in Finland! If you like, our office is a few steps away from the Helsinki railway station and Tuesday is the day you find most of us there thanks to our afternoon buns tradition!

Company? Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces (NMP). A product company gathering together Tori, Oikotie, Rakentaja, FINN, Bilbasen, Blocket, DBA & targeting millions of monthly users all around the Nordics. 

Why us? This is a unique chance to join us on our way to creating a world-class multi-brand design system that supports all Schibsted NMP brands. We’re at the beginning of the journey and it’s the perfect moment to hop along! In our community, we embrace curiosity, a problem-solving mindset, and continuous learning. Our benefits include among others an extra week of holiday, lunch benefits on top of your salary and flexible working hours and spots!

Sounds like your cup of tea? Check out the details below!



Day-to-day work

To succeed in creating a world-class multi-brand design system, we need design representation in all our 4 countries to join our Nordic Design System team, to make sure that the needs of each marketplace are taken into account when creating the new common multi-brand design. And that’s how you come along as the Visual Designer representing Finland! Your first goal will be to shape the digital brand experience of Tori and Oikotie to make sure that the brand vision is met by shaping our components and patterns together with our cross-functional team of designers and developers. You collaborate with marketing departments too to ensure that digital brand decisions align with the overall brand vision. This collaboration is key to creating cohesive and effective designs that support the broader goals and values of the brands.

And remember that we’re a Nordic community, so you can also assist teams in the other Nordic marketplaces when time allows. This is a great opportunity to gain new experiences, get to work with other talented people from our community, and make an even broader impact!

With new adventures come new challenges

We are a new team in a brand new UX department that is part of a big new area within the Nordic marketplaces. This means that we have gathered a lot of talented people to work on the global experience of our incredible brands (exciting!), but it also means that we wear our ”compromise” hat on a daily basis and are testing and trying new things as we go with a constant balancing between what’s to keep from brands’ design and what to adapt to the multi-brand platform. So if you’re up for being part of something new, and like to have a big impact on the way of working within your team, we are an excellent fit for you!


During the first 6 months, the goal is that you actively familiarize yourself with Schibsted as an organization, focusing on Tori and Oikotie’s products from a designer’s perspective and start shaping their digital brand experience, and of course, to settle in your team and to get to know us as a community!

Further down the road, together with design systems leads, product managers, frontend developers and our fellow designers, you create and document components, tokens, libraries and patterns to help create a consistent UI and efficient product development in all our brands (and remember, we’re here to support you along the way!). What the future holds after that, let’s envision it together!


The Nordic Design Systems team, consisting of 12 bright experts and designers and your future manager Mimmi, are eagerly waiting to know you. The team is currently spread between Norway, Sweden and Denmark and you’ll be the first member in Finland to join. But worry not! In the Helsinki office, you find the rest of our Finnish brands’ designers with open arms – we’re a Nordic community of +70 designers! We are all excited to be part of something truly special happening in Schibsted, and we look forward to having so much fun while taking our design system to the next level. Come and join us!

Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces

Bilbasen, Blocket, DBA, FINN, Oikotie, Rakentaja & Tori. Did you spot any familiar names? Then you already know a bit about Schibsted and our Nordic Marketplaces! We pulled our strengths together in January 2023 and are now collaborating tightly at the Nordic level to innovate further our marketplaces’ user-friendliness in mind to empower millions of people interacting with us in their daily lives. Our goal is to increase the positive impact on society and the planet tenfold by 2035. We also aim to transform services into a next-gen marketplace by taking on a larger role and responsibility in key user journeys.
Our community embraces curiosity, teamwork, a problem-solving mindset, and continuous learning. Have a sneak peek at our boogie on LinkedIn & Instagram along with the Schibsted Talks podcast hosted by our very own colleagues.

Inclusion at Schibsted means creating a fair workspace where each of us is respected and celebrated by the stories we bring within us and given equal opportunities to thrive. Check our commitment to Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging on our sustainability page.


Mimmi is happy to answer any questions you might have about the role and is available by email any time (mimmi.hallberg(at) and Talent Acquisition Specialist Alessia (alessia.porazzi(at) is happy to help you with any step in the recruitment process and can share insights about our company culture!

GOT YOUR ATTENTION? Let us hear from you!

If you are looking for a workplace and a role in which you could share your knowledge and expertise, learn and grow, get inspired, be yourself, and feel good, let us hear from you! We’re eagerly waiting for you to turn yourself in and send your application in English and your portfolio by March 19.


1. 50 min meeting with the Talent Acquisition Specialist, Alessia (your background & skills, career goals and Schibsted as an employer)

2. 45 min chat with your future supervisor Mimmi and UX Director Ragnhild (diving deeper into your background & skills, role goals & expectations)

3. Prepare to present 2/3 projects you’ve worked on that you’re proud of and that you feel are relevant to this role (the chance for you to show what you’ve got to the team!)

4. 60 min team interview with a few colleagues (get to know each other, present your projects, get to know how it would be to work as a team)

Schibsted Finland doesn’t accept unsolicited profiles from recruitment agencies and won’t pay fees to any third-party agency or company that doesn’t have a signed agreement with us. If provided, we’re free to contact the profiles ourselves.