The Helsinki 5G base station design contest launched

Open ecosystem Network 5G Base station design challenge

City of Helsinki, Nokia and Elisa are looking for a standard model design for the Helsinki 5G base stations in collaboration with Ornamo Art and Design Finland. We are seeking unique and easily scalable model for base stations which are to be utilized in Helsinki City environment.

The objective of the 5G design contest is to design a standard model for the Helsinki 5G base stations and network environment. A base station refers to a single device and a network environment refers to the uniform system of base stations in a specific area. A base station may consist of a protective casing only, which must be possible to integrate with the existing infrastructure as is (e.g., lighting columns, bus stops or walls of buildings) but the station may also consist of a protective casing with/on a pedestal.

As a product, the base station is expected to be refined design that smoothly fits in a variety of environments and takes into consideration the needs of usage and technology as well as the user experience. The user experience is composed of not only interaction with users but also the ease of maintenance and installation.

The contest prize amount is EUR 35,000. The prize amount will be divided between the best three contestants.

All interested parties are welcomed to submit their entries by 18.11.2018.

More information

Detailed contest program and its appendixes are downloadable through 5G contest website