Alkaa: 31.10.2023 klo 17.00
Päättyy: 31.10.2023 klo 19.00
Sijainti :

Ornamo office

Annankatu 16 B 35-36, Helsinki

Member Evening | Ornamo International Circle

We invite our members to join the discussion and networking within the international community at Ornamo. 

Ornamo is the voice, community and support network for design professionals. We are in the process of making our community more international and developing our services to better support our international members in the Finnish job markets. This is the second meeting for the international community.

This event is joined by Zeynep Falay von Flittner who will be sharing her career story in the beginning of the event. Zeynep is an experienced design leader with a mission to accelerate sustainability transitions using the power of creative practices. The rest of the time is reserved for getting to know each other more. 

The event is for Ornamo members and is held at Ornamo office and online.