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Alkaa: 20.09.2023 klo 16.00
Päättyy: 20.09.2023 klo 18.00
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GoFore office at Kamppi

Urho Kekkosen katu 7B, 00100 Helsinki

Ornamo Masterclass: Scaling the impact of design with DesignOps

The size of design teams is constantly growing. As more and more organisations aim to create better customer experiences, services are being built with the end-users in mind, and Design Thinking is making its way into organisations’ strategies.

But while design approaches themselves can help steer an organisation in the right direction, the growing design team sizes, increased need for cooperation between different design disciplines, and large amounts of ongoing design projects can make everyday design work unnecessarily complex.

Design Operations is a discipline that helps designers and teams to organise themselves more efficiently around different products and services, and create workflows and practices that serve the customers, the organisation, and the designers alike.

In this Masterclass you’ll learn what DesignOps is, how it might benefit your work, and how to get started as a DesignOps practitioner. You’ll also hear about real life DesignOps cases, and the many lessons learned from them.

Ornamo Masterclass: Scaling the impact of design with DesignOps

Hosted by Gofore at their office in Kamppi shopping center in Helsinki.

Speakers: Tanja Florack, UX Lead & Jukka Malkamäki, Senior Design Consultant.

The event is in English and only for Ornamo members. Registration is now open – you can register from the link below.