Alkaa: 23.10.2023 klo 17.00
Päättyy: 23.10.2023 klo 19.00
Sijainti :

Ornamon toimisto

Annankatu 16 B 35-36, Helsinki

Member evening | Ornamo Responsibility Circle

Are you interested or working in the areas of sustainability, responsibility or transition design? Join us for a Member evening at Ornamo office and online, where we discuss and ideate further the new Ornamo member’s interest group, Ornamo Responsibility Circle! 

This is the second meeting of the Responsibility Circle. The first meeting brought together 30 professionals within Ornamo members. The Circle is looking for someone to give a presenation about Circular Design – if you are willing to participate, please contact the organizing team (contact information below). 

This is an initiative from Ornamo members and the wish is to collect people who share these interests to see what we could do to support each other and development of the work. 


Juhani Salovaara: Case story: 3xR in systemic product innovation.

Milja Havusela: Experiences from circular design pilot program Circular Design Suomi 

Free discussion

Organizing team

Anna Kokki (anna.kokki(at)gmail.com)

Simone Menge (mengesimone(at)gmail.com) 

This event is in English. The event is hybrid and there is a limit for live participants due to the limited seats. Register from the link below.