Design solutions for the coronavirus crisis

#muotoiluratkaisut #designsolutionsfinland #covid19

The inherent strength of design thinking is its ability to solve problems, including wicked ones. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, design thinking is needed to help people and innovate new solutions at all levels of human activity. These are the stories we want to share.

Helsinki Design Weekly and Ornamo are now collecting design solutions for the crisis: how can design help in these challenging times? We spread the solutions and good examples in our channels: website, newsletters, podcasts and social media channels. We invite the design industry to join the mission with hashtags #muotoiluratkaisut #designsolutionsfinland and #covid19.

Let us know what solutions you have come up with! Have you invented a new product or opened a new distribution channel for your services or products? Did you make a material innovation, or do you make people’s lives easier with your design? What’s your new idea? Or has a previous solution of yours become again highly valuable? In these times, both small and big innovations are needed, so we’re happy to hear about all kinds of design solutions.

What is your design solution for the coronavirus crisis? It can be an innovation, a new way of working, a product or a service – we want to hear about good design solutions of all sizes.

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