Ornamo’s 2 800 members represent different fields of design and art. The biggest professional groups are interior architects and designers. Through our platforms you reach the large community of highly educated design professionals. We also function as a network in the design field and between different industries.

We reach website: 308,000 pageviews annually. website: 14,000 pageviews annually.

Social media: 15,000 followers

Ornamo’s membership letter is published every Thursday and goes to 2,800 Ornamo member subscribers. The percentage that opens the member letter is 55%.

Ornamo’s magazine is published once a year for members in 2023.

The print volume is 4,000.

Our members

Gender: 78% women, 22% male
Residents of Uusimaa: 65%
Age distribution:

20–34: 22%
35–49: 37%
50–64: 20%
65–79: 12%
80–: 5%

Our members are interested in

Space design, furniture, interior materials, various design sectors, design aids, software, industry fairs and events, design publications, culture and art, entrepreneurship and business, internationalisation, insurance, transportation services, marketing services, technology and digital solutions, jobs.


Advertising in Ornamo magazine

Ornamo’s magazine represents Finland’s largest media for design professionals, reaching not only its over 2,700 members, but also Ornamo stakeholders and, once a year, the general public. The magazine’s advertising space is sold out quickly due to our affordable prices, so please contact us in time.

Back cover €1,600
Inside cover or front cover €1,450
1/1 page €1,300
1/2 page €1,050
1/2 side €1,050
1/4 page €800

In addition to normal distribution, distribution in Habitare fair.

MagazineMaterialsDate of publication

Contact: Minna Borg  tel. +358 46 878 2570, minna.borg(at)
You can check out the magazine here

Ornamo’s membership letter is a popular member benefit. The membership letter is published in Finnish by email every other Thursday to 2,700 Ornamo member subscribers. The percentage that opens the member letter is 55%.

Price: 450 € upper banner, 350 € middle banner

Find the best design workers! Ornamo’s Design Duuni is a popular place to advertise where we gather jobs in the and once in the weekly newsletter free of charge. If you want to ensure visibility in your recruitment notice, you can buy a paid listing location. The price of the notice is 410 €.
It includes:

  • An illustrated or logotype announcement among Design jobs notices on the front page of the website
  • Social media post on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • One illustrated or logotype announcement on Ornamo’s weekly newsletter


Media Card


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Partnerships and expert co-operation

Ornamo organises annual events for design professionals and stakeholders, as well as for public audiences in design and industrial art. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in partner and expert co-operation:

Logo visibility online
Annual price for a linked logo €750
six months: €400.
Annual price for a linked logo €390
Annual price for a linked logo €500 website: 100 000 pageviews annually. website: 14 000 pageviews annually.