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Sustainability and responsibility skills

Join us pioneering for the sustainability transition. Sustainable and responsible design has a positive impact on people and our planet.

Responsibility in Ornamo Art and Design Finland

We are active players for the realization of the sustainability transition in the multidisciplinary design field. We aim to create a framework for the success of the design industry’s sustainability skills. Design that relies in the planetary boundaries has a decisive role in the sustainability transition. Design is also a driver of change: as a means of innovation, it can be applied to the challenges of responsibility in all stages of the life cycle of a process, product or service. The successful companies of the future are those utilizing the opportunities of design today.

Ethical guidelines

Professional ethical guidelines for designers support designers’ professional practices and good manners. They contain instructions for designers on ways of working both with the client, the trade union and colleagues. The instructions also gives recommendations for designers’ professional work with the topics of environmental sustainability, cultural diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Ethical Guidelines A4

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Ethical Guildelines Presentation

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Here you will find information and material about the sustainability transition, changing legislation, tools, current research and work in various design fields.


Become familiar with terminology

What are we talking about when we talk about responsibility in a designer’s work? Familiarize yourself with the key vocabulary and terms related to responsibility!

Come and get together with other designers

Would you like to share thoughts with other designers? The Ornamo Responsibility Circle is platform for members of Ornamo, meeting from time to time. The discussion takes place in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. All Ornamo members are welcome to join! The next open meetings will be held again in autumn 2024.


Ornamo’s Sustainability Advisory Board kicks off

Ornamo is currently enhancing its sustainability commitment with the support of a panel of experts specializing in the built environment and products & services. The Advisory Board commenced…
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