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Memberships and fees

The members of Ornamo are designers and artists from a wide range of industries. Individuals, companies and communities can become members. In addition, an individual member can become an Ornamo-TEK dual member and join the KOKO unemployment fund.

Membership fees

The membership fee is determined by whether you are a professional or a student, and do you wish to join Ornamo’s member associations as well.

The membership invoices are sent yearly in January. You can pay the whole fee at once or settle an individual payment time table with Ornamo office. In matters of invoicing, please contact office(at) The membership fees are tax-deductible.

Ornamo membership

Full membership180 €
Student membership (2022)25 €
TEK membership157 €
KOKO unemployment fund63 €

Member organizations

SIO – Finnish Association of Interior Designers
Full membership
70 €
SIO – Finnish Association of Interior Designers
Candidate membership
60 €
SIO – Finnish Association of Interior Designers
Student membership
10 €
Artists O20 €
TEXO Textile Designers30 €

Business membership

Amount of staff
1230 €
2–3450 €
4–5650 €
6–8900 €
9–1 500 €

Frequently asked questions

Applying for a membership

You can apply for membership by filling in our membership application form. Applications are processed continuously, with the exception of holiday periods in July and at the turn of the year. 

Applicants without a degree or a professional background in design must include a comprehensive professional design portfolio or a link to their online portfolio. 

At the moment the application form is only in Finnish. We will launch a new application form in 2022, which enables application in English as well. If you need assistance with the application in English, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.

When you become a member of Ornamo, you can also join our member organizations: Finnish Association of Interior Designers SIO, Finnish Association of Textile Artists TEXO and Artists O.

Emmi Putkonen

Ask about membership

Emmi Putkonen, Design Adviser
+358 46 878 2572