Frequently asked questions: membership fee and billing

When is the invoice sent?

Ornamo sends out membership fee invoices for the upcoming year every January. New members receive their invoices as soon as their membership applications are accepted. The membership continues automatically next year unless you resign by sending a written notice of your resignment. Please contact us directly if you have additional questions.

How is the invoice sent?

Email Invoice

Invoices for regular members and student members are sent via email, and the invoice comes from a “(at)” email address. The invoice details are in the email, and there is also a link in the invoice to download a PDF version. We inform members about the invoicing in advance through the membership letter.

Remember to check your spam folder, as some servers may direct emails there, and we cannot control external server operations. Unfortunately, we cannot send both email invoices and e-invoices within the same membership group; our platform does not currently offer this option.

Invoices always accessible in the Gruppo ID app

You can also download the Gruppo ID app from the app store. When you tap on your membership card in the Gruppo ID app, you can access both open and paid invoices. You can open and send a PDF invoice from the app if needed.

With Gruppo ID, you always have your membership invoice at hand – in addition to other app benefits. The Gruppo ID app is also a good option if you generally do not like opening links in email messages.

Check the app download instructions and its features here.

Where is the invoice sent?

The individual member’s invoice is always sent to the email address marked as active in your membership information. However, you can provide another email address solely for invoice delivery.

If you have chosen, for example, your work or school email as the primary email and want the invoice sent to your personal email, you can inform us at office(at) Sometimes it is wise to do so if you know that messages sent to your primary email have ended up in spam.

Invoices for business members are sent as e-invoices to the provided e-invoice address.

What is the payment deadline for the invoice?

You have a 14-day payment period for the invoice. Remember to make the payment to the account specified in the invoice, using the reference number mentioned in the invoice.

Can I pay the invoice in installments?

Implementation of the payment plan before the due date

It is possible to divide the invoice into four parts, with due dates on 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5.2024. Please notify us by 5.2. that you will be adopting the payment plan by sending your name and the text “payment plan” to office(at) and follow the payment plan. We recommend scheduling the installments to be paid automatically from your online bank. In your online bank, enter the invoice reference number in the designated “Reference” field when making the payment. Please note that we no longer create individual payment plans.

Implementation of the payment plan after the due date

If you choose to implement the payment plan after the due date, the first two installments must be paid no later than the next payment plan due date. For example, if you implement the payment plan on 15.2., the two first installments must be paid by the next due date on 5.3.

Please remember that you can always pay the membership fee earlier or in a lump sum at your own discretion, and there is no need to inform us separately of this.

If the invoice is not paid or the payment plan is not followed, we will restrict access to the member services available to you.

When is the payment reminder sent?

A payment reminder is issued when the membership fee has not been paid, and no installment plan has been made and followed. The first payment reminder comes via email from a different address than the original invoice.

After that, we send a text message reminder. The second payment reminder comes in a letter. So, if you did not check your spam folder, did not download the app, your email stopped working, or you forgot to inform Ornamo of your new address, at least one of these methods is likely to reach you.

At the same time as we send the second payment reminder, we also suspend your membership services. When the invoice is paid, membership services are available to you again.

What if the invoice remains unpaid?

Ornamo’s board removes members who did not pay their membership fees in the previous year at its first meeting of the year. If Ornamo membership becomes relevant again later, we examine the previous five years’ payment history, and if there is an outstanding membership fee, it must be paid first.

I accidentally paid the invoice multiple times. What should I do?

If you accidentally pay the membership fee twice or even three times, we will contact you to refund the overpayment. Determining the correct payer and invoice is always easier when the payment is made using the invoice reference. In that case, the payment is automatically directed to the correct invoice in our system, and the system notifies us of the overpayment.

I want to end my membership mid-year. What should I do?

If you want to resign mid-year and your membership fee has been paid, we suggest that your membership automatically ends at the end of the current year. This is because Ornamo does not refund any part of the membership fee upon resignation.

You will also receive a resignation survey, and we hope you will respond, as we use the answers to improve our operations.

How can I rejoin as a member?

If you resign or your membership ends due to non-payment, you are always welcome back to Ornamo when it becomes relevant for you again.

For memberships ending due to non-payment, any outstanding payments must be settled first, as explained in the section “What if the invoice remains unpaid?” We are pleased to welcome back many members as their life situations change.

How can I be exempt from the membership fee and become a free member?

Free members are not charged a membership fee. According to Ornamo’s rules, a natural person who has reached the age of 65 and has been a regular member of the association or its member association for at least 30 years can be accepted as a free member upon application. A free membership can also be granted to a regular member of the association who has been found to be unable to work for example due to a disability.