Frequently asked questions: student membership and billing

I’m about to graduate. What should I do?

We have removed the maximum period of 6 years from student membership. Please notify by e-mail if your studies continue. At the same time, also state the new estimated completion date.

What is the payment deadline for the invoice?

You have 14 days to pay the invoice. Remember to pay the payment to the account indicated in the invoice using the reference number mentioned in the invoice.

Can I pay the bill in instalments?

Implementation of the payment plan before the due date

It is possible to divide the invoice into four parts, with due dates on 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5.2024. Please notify us by 5.2. that you will be adopting the payment plan by sending your name and the text “payment plan” to office(at) and follow the payment plan. We recommend scheduling the installments to be paid automatically from your online bank. In your online bank, enter the invoice reference number in the designated “Reference” field when making the payment. Please note that we no longer create individual payment plans.

Implementation of the payment plan after the due date

If you choose to implement the payment plan after the due date, the first two installments must be paid no later than the next payment plan due date. For example, if you implement the payment plan on 15.2., the two first installments must be paid by the next due date on 5.3.

Please remember that you can always pay the membership fee earlier or in a lump sum at your own discretion, and there is no need to inform us separately of this.

If the invoice is not paid or the payment plan is not followed, we will restrict access to the member services available to you.