Ornamo’s 2,700 members are highly educated design professionals. They are employed in various professions across the field of design, such as interior design, industrial design, furniture design, textile and fashion design, package design, service design, digital design, contemporary craft and art.

Ornamo’s members are:

Entrepreneurs and freelancers 36%
Employees 50%
Artists 8%
Students, unemployed and retired 5%

10 great reasons to join Ornamo

  • We offer personalised legal advice on a range of issues, including contracts, IPR, earnings and business development.
  • You can add your portfolio to our finnishdesigners.fi service, an online portal that connects you with customers and clients looking to purchase art, design and related services.
  • We provide information and application support on residence opportunities, grants and other funding sources.
  • You will be invited to attend our free seminars and continuing professional development and networking events. Unless otherwise specified, our events are conducted in Finnish.
  • You will be eligible to apply for grants and residences, in locations including New York and Benin, that are exclusively available to Ornamo members only.
  • Four times a year, you will receive a copy of our print magazine. The magazine is published  in Finnish.
  • You will be sent our weekly newsletter by email every Thursday. It will help you to stay up to date on all the latest art and design industry news, grants, competitions and vacancies. The newsletter is published in Finnish.
  • Ornamo membership entitles you to discounts on shopping, including magazine subscriptions, and you will be able to make use of the benefits offered by jäsenedut.fi.
  • You will be able to sell and market your work through the Ornamo Art and Design Sale and the Ornamo Design Christmas Market.
  • As an Ornamo member, you will become part of Finland’s leading community of design professionals. We also welcome our members’ view on issues you would like to see us pursuing as part of our campaigning and lobbying activities.

Who can be a member?

At Ornamo, we offer both full and student memberships, and your eligibility will depend on your qualifications and professional experience. As a rule, all members will be required to have a higher education degree in design, such as a Master of Arts, Bachelor of Culture and Design (Crafts and Design), Bachelor of Culture and Arts (Design), or an equivalent design qualification. Professionals with higher education qualifications in other subjects who have significant professional experience in the design industry are also eligible for membership.

To apply for membership, please complete our online membership application form. We process applications throughout the year with the exception of July when our offices are closed. Applicants without relevant qualifications or professional experience will need to include a substantial portfolio or a link to their professional website as part of their application. If the appendices to your application exceed 1MB, please send them directly to muotoilu@ornamo.fi. If you experience any problems completing the application form, please contact us for advice.

You are eligible to apply for full membership, if you have a degree in:

Design, architecture, technology or economy from a university:

  • Doctoral degree
  • Master’s degree

Design from a university of applied science (Finnish ammattikorkeakoulu) or a university (Finnish yliopisto, korkeakoulu)

  • Bachelor or Culture and Arts (Crafts and Design), design subjects
  • Bachelor of Culture and Arts (Design)

You are eligible to apply for student membership if

You are enrolled on a design-related degree course in Finland or abroad.

Membership fees 2020

Full membership 180 € / year
Student membership 50 € / year

If you join Ornamo in the autumn the membership fee for the rest of the year is following:

August: Full membership 135 € / for the rest of the year, student 40 € / rest of the year
September: Full membership 100 € / for the rest of the year, student 30 € / rest of the year
October: Full membership 65 € / for the rest of the year, student 20 € / rest of the year
November: Full membership 30 € / for the rest of the year, student 10 € / rest of the year
December: Free for the rest of the year

The application form is in Finnish only at the moment, sorry about that! You can find the form in this page (yellow buttons on the bottom of the page)