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Ornamo membership

Ornamo’s 2 700 members form a unique community and network of highly educated professionals working in the design industry. Ornamo gives designers a voice that is listened to in decision-making. Together, we ensure that the designer profession develops, and that the field becomes more appreciated in society.

Welcome to the community of design professionals!

As a member of Ornamo, you will get the best support and network to succeed in your profession as a designer.

offer stands until 30.9.2021

Joining Ornamo is a bargain in October!

Join Ornamo in October and you’ll get the membership fee for an inexpensive price for the rest of the year 2021: full membership 65 € and student membership 20 €. Business Membership in October: 100 € / 194 € / 280 € / 387 € /645 €

Forms of membership

Full membership

The basic requirement for membership is a bachelor’s or master’s degree in design or engaging in studies leading to it. We also admit highly educated persons who function as important experts in the field of design. You can also apply to Ornamo without a degree in design, if you have worked in the field for at least six years and you have a portfolio to show your competence in the design field.

Student membership

If you are studying for a higher education degree in design or industrial art, you can become a student member of Ornamo. Student memberships may continue for a maximum period of six years. As a student member of Ornamo, you can benefit from all of Ornamo’s members’ benefits and services, with the exception of participation in the Art Sale exhibition.

Business membership

Since 2020, Ornamo has also been a community of design companies. We protect the interests of companies and push for better practices when commissioning design work. As a business member, you’ll receive all of Ornamo’s membership services and benefits, in addition to insurance benefits for members, among other things.