What is Ornamo Award?

The Ornamo Award is a prestigious recognition given to designers each year. The purpose of the award is to present the versatility and value of design, to show the effectiveness of the design and to maintain the quality of designers’ skills. Renewed in 2022, the Ornamo Award is given annually for special merit in the field of design.

The Ornamo Award is awarded annually to design professionals or groups selected as the Frontrunners in Design with changing themes.

Frontrunners in Design 2022

Muutoksen muotoilijat Tiedekulma Kuva Anni Koponen
The 2022 Ornamo Award culminated at Helsinki Design Week in Think Corner. In the photo, from left to right, Moderator of the award discussion Anna Valtonen, awardees Anna Salonen and Yuki Abe of Luomoa, Antti Pitkänen of Agile Work, Markku Heikura of the Tax Administration and Katja Soini, host of the event. Photo: Anni Koponen