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Ornamo Award

The Ornamo Award highlights the forefront of design. Awarded every other year, the prize showcases the diversity and value of design, demonstrates the impact of design, and maintains the quality of designers’ expertise. The award will be presented again in 2024.

What is Ornamo Award?

Ornamo has been awarding design professionals since 1981. The current format of the Ornamo Award has been in place since 2015. The award is granted for outstanding achievements in design expertise, development, or utilization. Ornamo Award is given, with changing themes, to the selected design professionals, groups, or companies who are at the forefront of design. Ornamo also presents an encouragement award to a student in the field of design at a higher education institution.

Frontrunners in Design 2024

The search for the Frontrunners in Design for the year 2024 is underway! Do you know a skilled and responsible pioneer in design, or someone who contributes extensively to the field? Who deserves the Ornamo Award at the forefront of design?

This year, we’re honoring the most innovative professionals who incorporate sustainability into their work or strategy. The theme for the 2024 Ornamo Award is Sustainable Development Innovations. Sustainable development innovations encompass new approaches, solutions, or products that generate added value and growth for the companies that develop and commercialize them. They also offer solutions to societal and environmental challenges in line with sustainable development goals.

The award categories vary annually, highlighting Ornamo’s strategic priorities. This year, there are two award categories: Design Forerunner and Design Utilizer. A jury composed of design professionals and stakeholders will select the winners for both categories. Additionally, Ornamo will recognize 1–2 final projects in the field of design with Encouragement Awards. The recipients of the Encouragement Awards are nominated by the Finnish design schools and universities.

Recommend a candidate for the Design Forerunner award among Ornamo’s members. You can nominate yourself, a colleague, or someone you admire by May 31, 2024. Ornamo members can be found on the Finnishdesigners.fi platform. You can nominate any individual, organization, or company for the Design Utilizer award.

Frontrunners in Design 2022

Muutoksen muotoilijat Tiedekulma Kuva Anni Koponen
The 2022 Ornamo Award culminated at Helsinki Design Week in Think Corner. In the photo, from left to right, Moderator of the award discussion Anna Valtonen, awardees Anna Salonen and Yuki Abe of Luomoa, Antti Pitkänen of Agile Work, Markku Heikura of the Tax Administration and Katja Soini, host of the event. Photo: Anni Koponen