Ornamo Award

Getting nominated for the Ornamo Award is a prestigious recognition in the design field that makes modern design and industrial art visible. The members of Ornamo nominate a number of distinguished designers, from whom Ornamo’s Board members shortlists three candidates. The winner of the award is then chosen by an external expert selected by the Board. The Ornamo Award amounts to €5,000.

The award has been bestowed in its current form since 2015, but Ornamo has been awarding design professionals since 1981.

The Ornamo Award will next be awarded in 2022.

Teollinen muotoilija Joonas Kyöstilä

Ornamo Award 2020: Joonas Kyöstilä

Industrial designer Joonas Kyöstilä (s. 1993) received the Ornamo Award 2020.