Ornamo Award highlights the Forefront of Design – nominate your favorite to us!

Do you know a skilled and responsible pioneer in design or an innovator who contributes extensively to the field? Who deserves recognition as part of the Ornamo Award among the leading designers? This year, we are rewarding the most innovative professionals who incorporate sustainability into their work or strategy.

2024 Theme

The theme of the 2024 Ornamo Award is Sustainable Development Innovations. Sustainable development innovations refer to new approaches, solutions, or products that generate added value and growth for the companies that develop and commercialize them, as well as solutions to societal and environmental challenges in line with sustainable development goals.


The categories vary annually, highlighting Ornamo’s strategic priorities. This year, there are two award categories: The Design Forerunner and the Design Utilizer. A jury composed of design professionals and stakeholders will select the winners for both categories.

The Design Forerunner

The Design Forerunner award is primarily a collegial recognition. Candidates for the award can be nominated from among Ornamo’s designers or design-related companies. The award seeks candidates who contribute to the realization of sustainable development, assessed by various measures. The recipient demonstrates an innovative approach and promotes the realization of responsibility, for example, in the design of materials, consumer products, built or digital environments, or services. The Design Forerunner is awarded a prize of 2,500 euros.

The Design Utilizer

The Design Utilizer award is given to a public sector actor, organization, commercial company, or corporation. The awarded party utilizes design as part of its strategy either as a commissioner or employer of design. The awardee leverages design and design professionals across all relevant sectors of its operations, from product design to user interface or urban planning. As a recognition, the recipient of the award receives the Ornamo Sphere trophy designed by Timo Sarpaneva.

In addition to the winners selected by the jury, Ornamo also awards 1–2 final projects in the field of design with an Encouragement Award. The recipients of the Encouragement Award are nominated by the Finnish design schools and universities.


Nominate your own favorites for the Ornamo Award recognition by May 31st!

Who deserves the Ornamo Award? This year, we are rewarding the most innovative professionals who incorporate sustainability into their work or strategy.

Recommend a candidate for the Design Forerunner award among Ornamo’s members. Nominate yourself, your colleague, or someone you admire. Get to know our members at Finnishdesigners.fi

You can nominate any individual, organization, or company for the Design Utilizer award.

Among the tipsters, a 250 euro gift card to Finnish Design Shop will be raffled.

Candidates can be proposed until May 31, 2024.