Ornamo is the voice, community, and support network for design professionals. We want every designer to achieve the kind of professional identity that they are proud of and that society values.

Design Jobs

Are you looking for new work trends or for a design professional for your service? Ornamo brings together jobseekers and employers in the design field. We support smooth employment of our members and help job providers in recruiting.

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Students of Ornamo

Ornamo’s members are design students and university-educated professionals who work in the diverse field of design. We offer our student members support, advice and services for the early stages of their careers. You’ll also receive information on job opportunities in the field.

Designer-in-Residence (Two Positions) / Aalto University

January 31, 2022

Designer-Developer / Sanoma

January 23, 2022

Summer Trainee / Designer / Visma Solutions

February 13, 2022