Ornamo is the voice, community, and support network for design professionals. We want every designer to achieve the kind of professional identity that they are proud of and that society values.

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Inspiration, support and meetings! The largest design community in Finland invites you to share, learn and create new meaningful contacts. Welcome to join our multidisciplinary group of experts and take advantage of its benefits.

Ornamo is a community of designers and a platform for activities, which offers a great framework for building connections with a wide network of colleagues and mapping design expertise. Together we learn, network, hold each other’s sides.

Our community of 3,000 members includes industrial designers, interior architects, ceramicists, textile, fashion and packaging designers, artisans and artists. More and more also service designers, experts in digital design and user interface designers.

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Tervetuloa mukaan Ornamon Wappusimoille perjantaina 26.4. klo 17-20! Nostetaan maljat yhteisön kesken ja nautitaan toistemme seurasta Galleria Brondan tiloissa Annankadulla. Tarjolla munkkeja, simaa ja…

Ornamo Responsibility Circle

Are you interested or working in the areas of sustainability, responsibility or transition design? The Responsibility Circle is an interest group led by Tarja-Kaarina…

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