Instructions for the new Finnish Designers platform

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Welcome to update your profile on the In this article, we have collected essential instructions for using the new site. Not all functions are available at the beginning, we will update the instructions when they are available.

Sign in

  • When you log in to the service for the first time, you must first go to change your password on the website. Enter your email address and follow the instructions you receive in your email
  • After that, log in to Finnish Designers with your email address and the password you just created.
  • If you want to change your password, you can do so on the member page, in which case both passwords changes.

After these steps, will use the same credentials as the member pages, meaning you can log in to both sites with the same credentials. If you want to change your password, you can do so on the member page. If you have forgotten your password, set a new password here.

After logging in, the site directs you directly to the dashboard, where you can find all the important content on the left-hand side panel:

  • My Profile FI: Edit and publish your designer profile in Finnish.
  • My Profile EN: Edit and publish your designer profile in English.
  • Portfolio: Add, edit, and publish your work samples. All published work samples will automatically appear on your profile page.
  • Events: Add, edit, and publish events. The events will be displayed on the events list page.

Create your profile

After logging you can edit your profile from the dashboard, where you can find My Profile FI and My Profile EN. If you are in your own profile, you can edit the page by clicking “Muokkaa omaa profiilia” (Edit my profile) in the top left corner or by navigating back to the dashboard from “Finnish Designers”.

Profile picture

Upload a profile picture with a size of 849 x 849 pixels. It will automatically crop to a round. Having space around the object in the picture is good because the search listing crops the pictures. You can export the image either by dragging the image from the files or by clicking “move”.

In the future, you will find the imported images by opening the media library on the platform.

Adding media from media library

Scaling an image in the media library

When an image is selected in the media library, you will find the “Edit Image” option on the right side. By clicking on it, you can scale the image to the desired size.

Scaling a photo


Job titles, locations and skill levels are selected from the bar on the right side of the editing view. The primary job title is shown in the search listing.

Upload a brief introduction text about yourself, describing your primary expertise. You can copy and paste the text onto the platform.

Once you are ready to publish your profile, select “Publish”. You can save a draft by choosing “Save Draft”. Note that the layout is not exactly the same in the editing view as in the published page. You may preview the page before publishing.

Social media links

Social media links: In the profile, you will find dedicated sections for social media links. Copy the link to your desired social media profile from the browser and paste it into the corresponding field. The website will take care of the rest! Note that you can you add only one link to one designated slot, otherwise the block will break. You can add more links to the description-block.


The platform is bilingual and there is an opportunity to publish all desired content in English as well. Translations must be made for all content yourself, so the site does not automatically make translations.

There are two ways to create a bilingual profile:

  1. Head to the upper right corner and create an English version of the profile (see picture). NOTE! The page is empty by default, so you have to import the translations into English yourself, the site does not translate the texts. To make your work easier, you can click on the arrow icon next to the ticket image, and the site will synchronize the (original) information between pages.
  2. Another way to create an English profile is to go to the control view by clicking on “Finnish Designers” in the upper left corner. There you can find My Profile FI and My Profile EN. You can edit your profile from both, one appears on Finnish-language pages, and the other on English-language pages.
Language selection
Language selection


You can add and edit work samples from the left menu of the control view, under “Työnäytteet” (Works).

In the works section, you can describe skills through your references. You can upload one image to each work sample. Landscape, dimensions 1305 x 871 pixels. The text can be 500 characters/work.

Add worksample
Add works

When creating a new work sample or event, they will be added to the Finnish language version of the site. If you want to create English versions of these work samples or events, you can translate the content in the list view by clicking the “+” icon on the respective row of the work sample or event. At the end of the row, in its own column, you will see a flag indicating the language version that the content is created in (Finnish/English).


You can create a new event by selecting “Tapahtumat” (Events) on the left side of the control panel.

The event page has ready-made areas to which content can be created:

  • The top link button is intended for a link that leads to registration. Only add it if your event has registration. The button will not appear on the event page if the field is not filled out.
  • The organizer, location and time are shown in the event listing
  • Add an image to the event, which appears both on the event page and in the event listing. Use a landscape image as the event image. The recommended aspect ratio is 3:2. If you use a different aspect ratio, it is good to have space around the object, as the images are limited in the search listing.
  • Write a free-form description for the event
  • Location and event type help the user find your event on the search page, so define them on the right side.
Add event

Need more assistance?

If you face any issues with the page, do not hesitate to contact us: finnishdesigners(at)

You can also book a personal counselling appointment (15 min) from our calendar.