Work & Community: Research for designers!

Työ & Yhteisö -kysely 2024 on auki. Work & Community questionnaire '24 is now open.

How does your work look and feel, what is your salary and where are you heading in your career? What about sustainability issues at your work? Participate to our new Work & Community research, and be part of the big picture of contemporary design!

This year, we are also monitoring compliance with the EU directive on sustainability and other practices at workplaces in various fields. We are also interested in knowing what the role of designers is in sustainability work. If you are an employee, student, unemployed, entrepreneur or pensioner, you can choose whether to answer both parts of the survey or one of them. The research is conducted by researcher Pekka Lith.

We will draw two 200 euro gift cards to the Finnish Design Shop among all respondents. The survey is open until February 11, 2024. We will discuss the results of the survey at Instalive in May!

How does research benefit designers?

  • We bring out the voice of designers and special issues as part of social issues
  • With the help of researched information, we build a strong community of designers and a support network
  • Knowing the general salary level helps in salary negotiations or hiring employees.
  • We can also tell our shareholders, partners & decision makers about the special features of the industry.
  • With the help of researched information, we help designers and design companies in sustainability issues.

The survey consists of two parts, where the first part is intended for all designers working as employees, unemployed, or students, and the second part for all Ornamo members.

The Work survey is open to all employees

The first part of the survey is for designers working as employees, students, or unemployed, and answering it takes about fifteen minutes. You can respond to the survey even if you are not a member of Ornamo.

The questions relate to topics such as work, its content and security, working hours, salaries, well-being at work, skills, and environmental sustainability. By answering the survey, you contribute to forming a comprehensive picture of the design industry, industry salaries, and the unique characteristics of the work.

Community survey – for Ornamo members

The second part of the survey is intended for all Ornamo members. In the community survey, you can share what moves and motivates you in your career and what expectations you have for your Ornamo membership.

The survey is completely anonymous, and the results will be handled confidentially.

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