2019 Interior Architect of the Year and Furniture Designer of the Year

The Finnish Association of Interior Architects SIO has chosen to award two of its members united by the international outlook of their design.

2019 Interior Architect is Paula Salonen

Paula Salonen (b. 1960) is an interior architect who masters spatial design and works with challenging sites creating pleasant spaces. Precise details, timeless topicality and the international nature of her designs are characteristic to her. Paula’s works are also great examples of fruitful cooperation between an architect and an interior architect. Paula Salonen works as an interior architect at JKMM Architects and her work includes the OP Group headquarters in Helsinki and the Embassy of Finland in Paris. www.jkmm.fi. Images: www.ornamo.fi/kuvapankki

2019 Furniture Designer is Ari Kanerva

Ari Kanerva (b. 1976) has created his version of modernism. Kanerva is an international designer, whose furniture designs have a certain “Finnish touch”. He stands out as an enthusiastic, inventive and recognisable designer with his own distinctive style. Kanerva works in Turku in his own design agency and teaches at Lahti University of Applied Sciences Institute of Design and the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. Kanerva has designed furniture for Vivero, Inno and Made by Choice and, for example, his delightful Tiuku clock is part of the range of the Italian furniture company Covo. Images: www.ornamo.fi/kuvapankki www.arikanerva.com

This year the decision based on the suggestions and applications was made by Joanna Laajisto, 2018 interior architect SIO; Tapio Anttila, interior architect SIO, furniture designer; Mika Tolvanen, 2017 furniture designer SIO; Mika Karkulahti, interior architect SIO, architect; Tuuli Sotamaa, designer, and Jonna Taegen, architect SAFA. Secretary General Minna Borg acted as the secretary of the jury.

Further information, interview and image requests:

Interior Architect SIO Paula Salonen, paula.salonen@jkmm.fi, tel. +358 (0)40 838 8313 Furniture Designer, Interior Architect SIO Ari Kanerva, infoarikanerva.com, tel. +358 (0)44 546 75


To celebrate the association’s 70th anniversary, SIO also chooses three new honorary members this year. Interior Architect SIO Yrjö Kukkapuro (b. 1933), Interior Architect SIO, General Secretary Lena Strömberg (b. 1943) and Interior Architect SIO Päivi Meuronen (b. 1967). The choice of the new honorary members was made by the SIO Board.

Secretary General Minna Borg, office@sio.fi, tel. +358 (0)46 878 2573