What we do

Ornamo Art and Design Finland, established in 1911, is an expert organization in the field of design. Ornamo advances the profession of designers and promotes the role of design in society.

We support you in your career, whether you are a designer or an artist, or looking for inspiring employment opportunities. Our activities rely on a community principle: we work for the benefit of each other and the entire profession.


Ornamo members are highly educated design professionals. They are employed in various professions across the field of design, such as interior design, industrial design, furniture design, textile and fashion design, package design, service design, digital design, contemporary craft and art. We have 2 700 members.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers 36%
Employees 50%
Artists 9%
Students, unemployed and retired 5%

We protect your interests

Ornamo sets the ground rules for the design industry and makes sure that as a designer, you receive the appropriate compensation for your work. We conduct annual surveys of the labour market and the design sector, collecting data on employment trends as well as salaries and wages. Ornamo Survey: Finnish design sector in numbers.

Legal counseling and expert assistance

Ornamo’s experts provide counselling for members in questions ranging from employment contracts to salary expectations, and from entrepreneurship to intellectual property rights. We check employment contracts, counsel entrepreneurs and employees in legal matters, and provide contract templates for designers and artists.

Support for working life

Ornamo provides services for designers and artists in their various stages of working life. We support our member’s ability to work by offering occupational rehabilitation opportunities. We organise professional seminars and networking events in which you can exchange know-how with other design professionals and make invaluable contacts.

Training and seminars

Ornamo organises training in topics related to employment, entrepreneurship, intellectual property rights, financing, pricing, procurement and marketing. We cooperate closely with experts of various fields, and we organise seminars such as the annual Design Day. By becoming a member you make sure that you have a seat at our seminars.

Info about the design sector

Ornamo’s various communication channels inform you about the latest phenomena in design and showcase the talents and expertise of Ornamo members. You can find us online at ornamo.fi. As a member, you receive the Ornamo print magazine delivered to your door, while our weekly newsletter keeps you updated on the latest news, open applications and vacancies.

Be seen among professionals

The Ornamo website ornamo.fi allows you to access our member services wherever and whenever. You can create your own portfolio free of charge in the Finnishdesigners.fi portfolio service to find new clients and to be seen among other professionals. If you work with product design, material-based design or art, you may participate in our annual sales events, that is, the Ornamo Design Christmas and Ornamo Art & Design Sale.

Member benefits

As an Ornamo member, you also receive many benefits. We offer our members opportunities to apply for residencies in New York, and in Benin, West Africa. We present annual awards and grants, including the Ornamo Award and the Ornamo Foundation grants. As an Ornamo member, you can join the KOKO unemployment fund and also receive member benefits from the professional and labour market organisation Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK.

The Ornamo membership card gives you discounts at shops, on museum admission fees and on magazine subscriptions. We also offer our members many benefits through the Jäsenedut.fi service.

International cooperation

The decisions concerning working life, academic studies and design industry are made more and more outside Finland’s boundaries. With international cooperation through European and international organizations Ornamo advances the profession of designers and promotes the role of design in society.

Ornamo cooperates with the following organizations

beda     dfe     etn     iac nnca    wcce2_bw

World Design Organization