Finnish Cultural Institute in New York Residency

The residence apartments of the Finnish New York Institute are available again.

We are inviting Finnish or Finland-based curators, visual artists and designers to submit their application for the FCINY Residency Programs in New York for 2024. The call for the FCINY Architecture Residency 2024 (taking place in September to December 2024) will be organized by the latest in January 2024.

The focus of the residency programs lies in networking and dialogue, individual artistic research, and creative work. Each residency includes housing, access to a local hosting organization, flights, and a monthly working grant of 700 EUR.

The programs are particularly suitable for artists and professionals who are seeking to expand their international network in the US, and who wish to take advantage of the tailored relation-building support each residency program provides.

Each residency is conducted in collaboration with a local partner who will provide the artist with support and connections to local networks. Each applicant should prepare to showcase their work/research to New York’s creative community, and actively take advantage of the facilities and activities provided by the residency program.

The FCINY welcomes artists, curators, and other arts professionals with diverse backgrounds and practices to apply. The programs are open for individuals and working groups of up to two people (the residency apartment is a one-room studio space, and it houses two people willing to share the open studio space).

The selection is based on the motivation letter including a plan on how the applicant is intending to use the residency period in New York, and an interview with the jury. The residency program is open for all Finnish or Finland-based practitioners. Affiliations to member associations are not mandatory. We favor applications with a socially responsible stance, and encourage underrepresented groups to apply.

Design Residency


March–April 2024 Visiting Artist/Designer in Residence with UrbanGlass (2 months)


May–June 2024 Design Residency with The FCINY (2 months)

UrbanGlass (March-April)
The FCINY (May-June)

The FCINY offers two residencies for designers. Both residencies come with an apartment. The UrbanGlass residency will in addition offer access to working facilities and the creative community of UrbanGlass in Brooklyn.

UrbanGlass (March-April)

UrbanGlass is a nonprofit organization established in 1977 that fosters experimentation and advances the use and critical understanding of glass as a creative medium.

The studio is an open-access facility where over 380 professional artists and designers engage with glass creatively. The 17,000 square foot studio includes a hot shop, cold shop, kiln room, flameworking shop, mold room, and flat working area. The hot shop has nine workbenches ranging in size from nine to 36 inches, three glass furnaces, and a wide range of annealers. The cold shop features heavy equipment such as belt sanders. The studios also feature a dedicated kiln room with 14 kilns and a mold shop. The lampworking studio houses workstations for 15 artists and a variety of torches at each station along with a full production neon studio.

Based on the application and proposal for the residency, UrbanGlass will coordinate with FCINY during the selection process on how to best support the artist or designer while in the city for their residency. If the resident is new to glass or wants to learn/expand a technique, UrbanGlass will offer a scholarship which covers 50% of the course fee for a class or workshop. Current workshops and classes are posted online here. With instruction, included materials and a group of students to learn with, a class can be the best entry point even if the resident has some glass making experience. Any other costs connected to using specific materials or the facilities will be covered by the residency artist. The current studio rates are listed here. UrbanGlass can provide cost estimates for studio projects taken on independently, or in case the residency artist is interested in hiring a team for the hot shop.

Prior to the start of the residency, UrbanGlass will meet virtually with the artist or designer to discuss any plans for the studio and offer helpful information to best be prepared ahead of traveling. Due to inherent risks involved in glassmaking, residents will be asked to sign a liability waiver prior to being in the studio. UrbanGlass provides basic personal protective equipment for the different glass techniques. 


The FCINY hosts a residency for designers for a two month research, community-building, and/or production residency taking place in New York City. Continuing a commitment to centering designer voices and fostering individual practices, the FCINY offers residencies that support and nurture designers at all stages of their career. The primary objective of the residency is to provide the designer with a setting for research and work creation. The FCINY residency does not include a separate workspace.


The application period is May 2 to May 23, 2023.

The deadline for applications is May 23, at 23:59 Finnish time (4:59 pm New York time).

The results of the selection process are communicated to all applicants by the end of June.