Let’s celebrate World Industrial Design Day together

World Industrial Design Day® (WIDD) celebrates and recognizes the power of design to strengthen economic, social, cultural, and environmental development around the world.

This World Industrial Design Day, let’s get emotional! We live in a world where even the smallest designs around us make us feel something. A world where a designer’s ability to leverage their emotional connection to the spaces around them and to the communities and individuals they design for, makes for better products, services and experiences.

In the lead up to 29 June, we’re checking in with the global design community to explore the emotions that power us forward and frame our relationship to the world around us. Whether you’re happy or sad, hopeful or frustrated, or somewhere in between, we’re looking forward to fostering a global dialogue on the value of emotion in design across a range of topics.

Ways to Celebrate

World Industrial Design Day (WIDD)™ is an open source programme. WDO encourages everyone to participate in a suitable way, for example:

  • Share the design that makes you emotional
  • Start a design podcast

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