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Ornamo Art and Design Finland

Annankatu 16 B 35-36
00120 Helsinki

Tel. +358 46 878 2569



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  • Minna Borg

    Secretary General (the Finnish Association of Interior Architects SIO), Marketing Coordinator (Ornamo), MA

    +358 46 878 2570


    I work as Secretary General in the Finnish Association of Interior Architects SIO, Ornamo's member organization. In Ornamo I'm in charge of advertising sales of the Ornamo magazine and online channels. Please kindly contact me when you want to be seen among Finnish design professionals.

  • Salla Heinänen

    Executive Director, M.Soc.Sc


    I am in charge of the strategic and operational leadership of Ornamo. I promote Ornamo's members, Finnish design sector and the value of design in various networks.

  • Petra Ilonen

    Project Manager, MA


    +358 46 878 2572


    I am a design expert and Project Manager in Ornamo. I take care of member services for designers, ongoing projects and international relations. I have 30 years of experience in the Finnish design field. Please contact me if you have any questions about Finnish design, Ornamo membership or questions related to your career. As a member, you can book a personal career advising session. Summer break July 9th - August 16th.

  • Jussi Ilvonen

    Legal Adviser, LLM

    +358 43 2112 723


    I give expert advice to Ornamo members in the fields of e.g. intellectual property law, employment law, contracts, salary negotiations, pricing and small business development (Mondays and Thursdays from 9 to 17). I am also in charge of some of Ornamo's development projects as well as Ornamo's design competition consultation.

  • Oona Lahtinen

    Oona Lahtinen

    Administrative Assistant

    +358 44 4931105


    My job at Ornamo is to assist the finance and administration secretary Outi Liusvaara in various financial management related tasks such as the transition to electronic financial management.

  • Outi Liusvaara

    Outi Liusvaara

    Administrative Assistant

    +358 46 878 2569


    I am responsible for Ornamo's administration and financial management. Contact me, if you have questions about membership fees or if you want to update your contact information.

  • Elina Perttula

    Project Manager, Bachelor of Culture and Arts, B.Soc.Sc.

    +358 43 211 0755


    My duties in Ornamo consists of communication for a Finnish furniture competition. I am also in charge for communication in Solutions for the integration of art into construction -project.

  • Miisa Pulkkinen

    Communications Manager, B.Soc.Sc.

    +358 40 523 9984


    As Communications Manager at Ornamo Art and Design Finland I am responsible for our communications: Ornamo magazine, our homepage, social media channels and communicating with our members, media and stakeholders. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you wish to find out more about our expertise at Ornamo and the field of design in Finland.

  • Anna Rikkinen

    Senior Advisor, B.Des, Bachelor of Culture and Arts


    +358 44 743 3577


    I am a contemporary craft expert and Project Manager in Ornamo. Please contact me if you have questions about Ornamo Art Sales Event or aquiring Finnish Craft for private or public space.
    As Ornamo member, you can book a personal artist career advising session including ATA Carnet advice.
    I'm also happy to answer your questions about European Social Fund projects such as the Solutions for the Integration of Art into Construction Projects 2018-2021 and the Art Market Survey 2014.
    You can contact me by phone and e-mail from Mondays to Wednesdays.

  • Maija Toivonen

    Maija Toivonen

    Communications Specialist, MA

    +358 44 769 3500


  • Hilla Uotila

    Hilla Uotila

    Specialist, Bachelor of Arts

    +358 44 762 0509


    I am responsible for Ornamo Art and Design Sale 2021 online production. I work on Ornamo's IPR and Making the Market projects, as well as event planning.