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KOKO unemployment fund

Ornamo members can join the KOKO Unemployment Fund through Ornamo. Ornamo membership does not automatically make you a member of the fund, but you need to join the fund separately.

Being a member of an unemployment fund is an important safeguard in the working life. You can join the KOKO unemployment fund for highly educated through Ornamo. A salaried job is required when joining the KOKO fund. The job can be temporary, fixed term or part-time, and it is possible to join the fund while having a summer job or a part-time job as a student.

You cannot join an unemployment fund while you are unemployed, laid off or on childcare leave. The KOKO fund’s membership fee for 2024 is 63 euros / year.

Conditions for earnings-related allowance

The unemployment fund secures your livelihood if you become unemployed or are temporarily laid off. The earnings-related unemployment allowance paid by the unemployment fund is typically significantly larger than the unemployment benefits paid by Kela.

We recommend joining KOKO as soon as possible, as you are only eligible to join when you are in paid employment. If you find yourself unemployed or laid off, it will be too late to join. Students are also eligible to join the unemployment fund if they are employed, for example, working a summer or part-time job.

It is also important to join as soon as possible to ensure you meet the employment condition, which is a requirement for receiving a daily allowance. This means that, during your unemployment fund membership, you need to have worked at least 26 calendar weeks, or about six months, before becoming unemployed or being temporarily laid off. During this period, you need to have worked at least 18 working hours per calendar week.

KOKO is an unemployment fund for wage earners. If you are an entrepreneur, you can get unemployment security by joining the Entrepreneur Fund. If you are a freelancer or engage in business activities, check with KOKO to find out if you are considered a wage earner or entrepreneur for the purposes of the unemployment fund.

If you are employed as a wage earner and want to join KOKO, please contact: Minne ja miten liitossanne?

Use KOKO’s allowance calculator to get an estimate of how much earnings-related allowance you would receive

Find out more at: kokokassa.fi/en

For what constitutes paid employment under the employment condition, see Conditions for earnings-related allowance.

Outi Liusvaara

Join KOKO by sending a request to:

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