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KOKO unemployment fund

Ornamo members can join the KOKO Unemployment Fund through Ornamo. Ornamo membership does not automatically make you a member of the fund, but you need to join the fund separately.

Being a member of an unemployment fund is an important safeguard in the working life. You can join the KOKO unemployment fund for highly educated through Ornamo. A salaried job is required when joining the KOKO fund. The job can be temporary, fixed term or part-time, and it is possible to join the fund while having a summer job or a part-time job as a student.

You cannot join an unemployment fund while you are unemployed, laid off or on childcare leave. The KOKO fund’s membership fee for 2024 is 63 euros / year.

Conditions for earnings-related allowance

Outi Liusvaara

Join KOKO by sending a request to:

Outi Liusvaara, Administrative Assistant
Tel. +358 46 878 2569