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Ornamo-TEK dual membership

Ornamo and TEK have agreed to a dual membership. This means that members of Ornamo who work as salaried employees in industrial companies or design companies, for example, can be members of both Ornamo and TEK simultaneously.

TEK handles the promotion of interests with regard to the job market and provides services and benefits such as legal counselling and career guidance. Ornamo continues to promote the interests of its members in professional and ideological matters. Both associations are jointly responsible for the development of membership benefits and services for their dual members.

Please inform us, if your membership changes, i.e. you graduate or start studying: office@ornamo.fi.

Please send your application request to office@ornamo.fi.

Membership benefits

Ornamo-TEK dual members receive the same benefits and services as full members of TEK with the exception of unemployment fund membership and Alma Talent’s magazine package. Ornamo-TEK dual members can join KOKO unemployment fund directly via Ornamo.

Alma Talent offers Ornamo-TEK dual members all of their professional magazines (Tekniikka& Talous, Talouselämä, Metallitekniikka, Tietoviikko, Mikrobitti, Markkinointi & Mainonta, Fakta, Arvopaperi and Tekniikan historia) at a 50 % membership discount.

Membership fee

TEK’s membership fee for Ornamo members is 159 euros. If the member works outside of the Nordic Countries, TEK’s annual membership fee is 54 euros. The membership fees will be invoiced by Ornamo.

Ornamo-TEK-member may be given a discount on the full TEK membership fee on the grounds specified below. Once your application is approved, you’ll pay a basic annual fee of 30 euros.  Grounds for the discount are:

  • unemployment or full-time temporary layoff, long term illness, military or non-military service, maternity/paternal leave, childcare or family leave, unpaid full-time studies. See further information on the discount and required documents: Discounted membership fees | TEK