Candidates for Ornamo board members 2023-2024 are presented!

New board members are elected to replace the retiring members in the General Autumn Meeting of Ornamo on the 22nd of November 2023. Get to know the candidates and remember to use your vote in the online elections! Running for Ornamo board members are: Helena Aalto, Sanna Kantola, Ilkka Kettunen, Tytti-Lotta Ojala and Natalia Osipova.

The elections are held online

The election of the Ornamo board members will be held online 6.-19.11.2023. Full members who have been accepted as members at least eight (8) weeks prior to the General Autumn Meeting and do not have any overdue payments  are entitled to vote. 

The retiring members are Sanna Kantola, Ilkka Kettunen and TyttiLotta Ojala. All of who have the option for second board term.

Candidates participated to a virtual election discussion on Tuesday 7th of November 2023, where they were given an opportunity to introduce themselves and share their views on developing Ornamo’s operations.

Recording of the virtual election discussion 7.11.2023

Candidates for Ornamo board members

Helena Aalto, Helsinki

I am a Master of Arts gratuated from LAB University of Applied Sciences and University of Arts and Design (currently Aalto University).

For the most of my career as a designer, I have worked as a designer of commercial spaces. I have also worked with colleagues in sales and have become familiar with development of working environment.

Promoting important issues has always inspired me and I have been invoded in board work of many associations, e.g. student organizations and most recently to professional affairs in the ranks of SIO.

I have been involved in founding SIO’s Responsible Design working group, because the professional image of interior architects is undergoing a major change. This way we are able to do our part to meet the challenges of sustainable development.

I am running for the board of Ornamo, because I want to influence the future of the design industry with my own contribution, especially from SIO’s point of view.

Sanna Kantola

Sanna Kantola, Helsinki

I am a Master of Arts and a multi-talent in the fashion industry from Helsinki. I have been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years and have created the LUMI brand into a successful company. In addition to my own company, I work in several positions of trust.

I have served at Ornamo’s board for the past term and I am applying for a further position. I want to develop the following things at Ornamo’s board:

  • Ensuring the visibility and competitiveness of Finnish design in the global world.
  • Continuing the valuable Finnish design heritage, but even more internationally.
  • Responding to the challenges and opportunities of the future: climate change, structural change, green transition, sustainable economic growth, circular economy opportunities.
  • How can AI be used effectively in design
  • How to solve the plight of the clothing industry and the silting up of city centers by means of design.

Ilkka Kettunen, Kuopio

I would like to continue at Ornamo’s board because the work is unfinished. We are implementing the chosen strategy and there is still a lot to do. We have a good drive on; the results will naturally be visible only after a delay. Each member of the board was allowed to choose their own area of interest; my choice was knowledge of the design field. It’s interesting because my knowledge of the professional field has become outdated – it’s been more than 20 years since I worked as a design consultant.

The goals of sustainable development, the expansion of design work field, participation in all stages of the innovation process and the effects of artificial intelligence set new demands on understanding design. Design should outline – preferably creatively – its actions and role in the organization or in the network of parties, in order to better respond to emerging opportunities. Read more on my design blog

Tytti Lotta Ojala

Tytti-Lotta Ojala, Helsinki

I’m a multidisciplinary creative and strategist with my career built on design thinking for business growth, sustainability, innovations and branding. I have degrees in business and design (innovations and design business management) from Finland and the USA and work experience in design business, fashion and food – all my passions. I’m currently working as Director at the legendary ‘Muotoiluinstituutti’, LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts.

I have been on the board of Ornamo for the past two years and have just about learned about its engaging community. I am applying for the extension because I feel my time to make an impact is at its best. 

I am a bridge builder between design and business; I broadly understand design as the means for value creation and see that the design community must -with increased volume – communicate the impact of design on good life, economic growth and change. The world needs innovations and a bettered vision. 

Issues of responsibility have always been close to my heart, and I have been involved in building, among other things, the first circularity-based brands in their fields, both in food and clothing. At the moment, I am interested in systemic and inclusive design, organizational design and new construction methods of strategy.

The world needs the voice of designers more than ever. I wish to utilize it as a member of Ornamo’s board next term, developing the community into an even stronger and more visible influencer in our society and networks.

Natalia Osipova, Helsinki

I am an interior designer with over 20 years of experience. I am also a Master of Engineering. I currently live and work in Helsinki.

In these challenging times, when the world is changing, aesthetics and design must become indispensable elements of modern society.
I would be interested in representing the international community on the board of Ornamo, people who come to Finland to combine their unique design vision with romantic Finnish design so closely linked to nature. First of all, we must get to know each other better and help to advance our work.Young designers fresh out of academies and universities also need support and mentoring. 

I think it is important to establish collaborations with similar design organizations in other countries. This exchange of knowledge and experience can help us. I speak English, German, Spanish, Russian and I am learning Finnish.

Ornamon syyskokous 2023

Syyskokouksessa valitaan Ornamon hallituksen jäsenet erovuoroisten tilalle. Hallitus luo yhdessä suuntaviivoja Ornamon ja muotoilun tulevaisuudelle. Käytä ääntäsi ja vaikuta!Ornamon syyskokous järjestetään keskiviikkona 22.11.2023 klo 18:00 Zoomissa…