Making the Market: Insights from Artists and Designers

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The world is open and full of opportunities for Finnish design and art. Tough competition, current unprecedented times, and global development create a new kind of need to stand out, to market and to build networks. Making the Market, a joint venture by Ornamo, The Finnish Institute in Germany, Institut finlandais and Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, calls for curiosity and connection in the globally networked design world. Through exhibitions, discussions and guidebooks, Making the Market brings together professionals, makers and visionary thinkers of art and design with an aim to create new opportunities and global partnerships.

Teemu Salonen started cooperating with Todd Merill Studio in New York in 2019. Salonen met the gallerist at the Collectible fair in Brussels. Photo: Komugi Ando

Making the Market: Insights from Artist and Designers features eight Finnish or Finland-based artists and designers sharing their insights and tips for an international career: Milla Vaahtera, Eero Aarnio, Man Yau, Kristina Riska, Teemu Salonen, Antrei Hartikainen, Laura Laine and Tero Kuitunen. The chapters of the guidebook help one to navigate towards a successful international career: tell your story, take part in competitions and be proactive, apply for internships and residencies, nurture long-term collaboration, look for interesting partners, take part in group exhibitions, seize opportunities and build impressive content.


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