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ATA Carnet service

We advise members on exporting exhibits and goods abroad. Members can obtain an ATA Carnet through Ornamo when exporting works of art or products outside the EU.

Ornamo ry is a member of the Helsinki Chamber of Commerce, which means our members get 50% discount of the ATA Carnet documents.

The ATA Carnet is made on behalf of Ornamo, but the artist / designer is responsible for the ATA Carnet: for the goods listed in it and them to be treated according to the rules and customs of the countries in question. Ornamo grants access to the ATA carnet by proxy. The artist / designer receives the license through Ornamo for a period of one year or for the validity of the Carnet.

Please reserve at least three weeks to this procedure. The processing time at the Chamber of Commerce is about 4 working days and in Ornamo about two days. It is also possible to apply for a quick Carnet with additional cost.

The artist / designer is responsible for the arrangements and costs associated with carrying out the transport. The ATA Carnet documents and the proxy must accompany the goods, as the documents require stamps from customs when it moves from one country to another or returns to Finland. A professional shipping company is a good partner for the proper handling of the ATA Carnet during transport. You should check that this is part of their service.

Ornamo has no financial liability or other liabilities in connection with transportation or the ATA Carnet.

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