Promoting culture and art

Prosenttitaiteen edistämishanke. Kuva: Niklas Kullström
Prosentti taiteelle -hanke edistää taidetta osaksi rakennettua ympäristöä. Kuva: Niklas Kullström

Art helps to increase wellbeing and creates meaning for everyday life. Interest in unique industrial art is on the increase, which is manifested in Finland as international success of several ceramic, jewellery and textile artists. Some of the largest fields of contemporary art originating from industrial art are ceramic and textile art. These are joined by contemporary jewellery art, glass art, experimental design based on conceptual contents, and wearable art. By creating new markets for art, we not only promote the employment of artists but also enhance the importance of art in Finnish society along with other creative fields.

Interest in material-based art is also evident as a growing number of artworks in our everyday environment: in schools, day care centres and hospitals, even in parks and on everyday routes of transport. By promoting art in public spaces and institutions, we bring culture closer to every Finn.

Today artists serve in many roles as well as engaging in exhibition-oriented artistic activities. For example, public art integrated into area planning opens opportunities for artists in project management and in expert duties.

Ornamo’s objectives are to